Credit Suisse Private Banking Open abandoned

3/19/2010 3:02:38 PM
The Credit Suisse Private Banking Open was abandoned after further morning rain was followed by Lake Maggiore overflowing on to the course.

The following statement was issued by Tournament Director, Niccolo Nesti, on behalf of the European Challenge Tour when play was finally called off at 12.45 local time.

“As a result of severe weather conditions in Ascona since Wednesday, which has meant not one round had been completed by Saturday afternoon, a decision has been taken in agreement with the promoter and sponsor to cancel the tournament.

“Continuous rain has seen the Patriziale course flooded several times, while Lake Maggiore, which borders the course, has overflowed, leaving several holes under water. Playing conditions have also become dangerous due to lightning and thunderstorms causing several long suspensions of play. Consequently half the field of 156 have still not completed their first rounds.

“Every player will receive financial compensation to cover part of their expenses and the tournament will be considered as being played for Challenge Tour ranking purposes.

“Various possibilities have been considered regarding rescheduling the tournament later in the season but this has not been possible.”