3/19/2010 3:02:38 PM
The event will be a Match Play competition between two teams of 10 players representing Continental Europe and Great Britain & Ireland.

The schedule of Matches will be:

Thursday, November 6
5 Fourball Matches

Friday, November 7
5 Fourball matches

Saturday, November 8
a.m. - 4 Greensome matches
p.m. - 4 Foursome matches

Sunday, November 9
10 Singles matches

Each match will offer (one) 1 point to the winner. In case of a tie, the score will be a ½ point. The total number of points in play is 28, 18 points in doubles matches and 10 points in singles matches.

In case of a final result of 14 points per team, there will be a 2 hole Play-Off under the Greensome format. The Captains will choose two players for the play-off. The Captains will not be able to play the Play-off.