3/29/2010 5:40:40 PM
Cobra ZL Driver ()
Cobra ZL Driver ()

Cobra’s latest driver models headline a strong sell-in period and award honours list.

Cobra, the brand renowned for engineering distance and performance throughout its equipment line, is preparing for a strong year in 2010 having already scooped top awards and enjoyed a successful sell-in period for the forthcoming season. The multi-material ZL driver launched last Autumn and the all-titanium S2 driver, due for shipping in the coming weeks, have both been very well received by Cobra’s accounts throughout the UK, with healthy pre-book orders across the board for 2010. The quality and performance of both the ZL and S2 driver has also been officially recognised with both drivers achieving a ‘Gold Award’ in the driver category of the Golf Digest Hotlist.

According to Golf DataTech’s latest retail audit¹, Cobra was one of the top selling driver brands in 2009, enjoying market share gains in the highly competitive premium driver category. Nick Tempest, Cobra’s Director of UK Sales and European Marketing, comments, “Our strong market share in the driver category in difficult trading conditions shows that demand for Cobra drivers remains extremely high. Our 2010 pre-book campaign has been very positive, and we continue to see significant momentum carrying forward into 2010 with the new Metals line-up. The Gold Awards from Golf Digest are also a welcome endorsement of the quality and performance of the ZL and S2 drivers.”

Following its launch in Autumn 2010, the Cobra ZL driver was immediately validated as one of Cobra’s best ever drivers when Cobra Tour Ambassador Ian Poulter claimed the Singapore Open just days after adding the Cobra ZL driver to his bag. The new ZL Driver features a multi-material construction with Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT), allowing golfers the opportunity to optimise their ball flight, as well as benefiting from Cobra’s exclusive proven ‘Hotter 9 Points’ technology.

Complementing the ZL driver is Cobra’s latest S2 Driver model. The new S2 Driver is a highly engineered all-titanium driver also with Adjustable Flight Technology (straight neck models) designed for golfers looking for forgiveness, maximum distance and optimised ball flight. It also features Cobra’s ‘Hotter 9 Points’ Technology which creates a large sweet zone across the entire clubface generating increased ball speeds even on off-centre hits. The S2 Drivers are available in both straight neck and offset models in both men’s and women’s ranges.

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