3/7/2011 12:40:35 PM
CG16 Black Pearl irons  (EuropeanTour)
CG16 Black Pearl irons (EuropeanTour)

Cleveland Golf has introduced a new line of CG16 irons and CG16 wedges that are designed to complement each other perfectly both in style and performance.

Correctly matching wedges to irons so that the difference in loft between clubs gives precise distance gaps is one of the toughest challenges modern golf consumers face. Cleveland Golf has answered that problem by designing their CG16 irons and wedges with lofts that blend seamlessly from long iron to lob wedge.

“We have printed the lofts on the new CG16 irons and wedges to help make the purchasing decision even easier,” explains Cleveland Golf’s Business Unit Leader Scott Carlyle. “Not only do the irons and wedges have complementing aesthetics, they have the same high-performance attributes too, offering the golfer greater shot-making consistency throughout their game.” 

CG16 IRONS: Lighter and longer…

The CG16 irons have been designed to boost the carry distance golfers hit the ball while giving them more forgiveness and playability.

The combination of a lighter total club weight (25 grams lighter) and a longer shaft has helped Cleveland Golf engineers achieve unprecedented distance gains of up to 10 yards.

Like the new Cleveland Golf Launcher Ultralite Series drivers and fairway woods, the CG16 irons have been made lighter the Right Way. Rather than simply aiming to make the club light by blindly removing weight, the engineers have done so with precision so that each iron is a particular swing weight, ensuring a consistent feel and playability throughout the set.

“We designed a proprietary ultralite steel shaft that is about 85g when assembled (125g is normal) and a 55g graphite shaft,” explains Carlyle. “These shafts were designed lightweight but with engineered balance points to keep the swing weights normal so that the clubs feel the same, but are statically lighter allowing for substantial clubhead speed increases.”

The CG16 irons also feature a large thin face that helps to increase COR and maximise ball speed, while precision laser milled grooves offer better control.

“The grooves on the CG16 irons are milled exactly to the dimension maximising specs that are on our wedges,” adds Carlyle. “Matching up the face and groove technology of the golfers’ irons and wedges will promote better contact from the rough and more consistent launch conditions.”

A large cavity back with full undercut stretches the centre of gravity low and deep in the head to give players an effortless high launch and significantly improve forgiveness even on mishits. Plus a wide sole helps golfers get great contact on their iron shots from all lies.

The CG16 are also available in a Tour version designed for serious golfers seeking a solid feel, accuracy and workability – but prefer just a touch of forgiveness.

The CG16 Tour has a modest cavity back with an engineered undercut that helps improve ball speed, mishit distance and accuracy.

A progressive off-set and centre of gravity location throughout the iron set further improves workability for the precise ball striker.

Cleveland Golf has adapted its popular online wedge fitting service accessible on to incorporate both the new CG16 and CG16 Tour irons as well as the CG16 wedges.

The Cleveland Golf CG16 irons will begin shipping on January 1, 2011 with an RRP of £499 and £575 Tour.

CG16 Black Pearl irons

CG16 Satin Chrome irons

CG16 Tour Black Pearl

CG16 Tour Satin Chrome