Langer meets up with an old friend in Cologne

6/18/2011 12:00:05 PM
Jan Bruegelmann and Bernhard Langer ()
Jan Bruegelmann and Bernhard Langer ()

Bernhard Langer met up with a very important person from his early golfing career as he prepared for the second round of the Berenberg Bank Masters on the European Senior Tour.

Mr Jan Bruegelmann, a former president of the German Golf Association (DGV) also became Bernhard’s sponsor after he won the German Amateur Championship in 1975 at the selfsame Golf and Land-Club in Cologne where the Senior Tour is playing this week.

Mr Bruegelmann will celebrate his 90th birthday on July 12 this year and to celebrate that, Langer gave him a DVD which highlighted the many victories he has enjoyed both in Europe and the United States over his illustrious career.