Glimpse into 2018 at Le Golf National

7/3/2011 7:18:49 PM
 Thomas Levet   (Getty Images)
Thomas Levet (Getty Images)

The closing stages of Thomas Levet’s heroic victory in the Alstom Open de France gave a glimpse seven years into the future, as Le Golf National served up a teaser to the kind of scenes and atmosphere that can be expected at The 2018 Ryder Cup.

As vociferous crowds swamped the banks of Le Golf National, the Parisian course’s spectacular finishing holes produced compelling drama to the wire and a support to match.  

Home favourite Levet’s eventual triumph was met with the sort of adulation normally seen at a Ryder Cup, with the 42 year old carried on the shoulders of his compatriots back from signing his card to the 18th hole, where he dived into the lake that fortifies the green.

Chants of ‘Captain, Captain’ echoed around as Levet was walked up the closing fairway and was presented with the trophy, as the French fans gave an early indication of who they would like to see lead Europe when Le Golf National hosts The Ryder Cup in seven years.

The Ryder Cup itself was on display at Le Golf National during the Alstom Open de France and a similar passion will undoubtedly greet its return for real thing in 2018. 

“It's the same atmosphere, the same souls, the same people that are going to be there in 2018 and they will be ready for it,” said Levet after his victory.

“You could see how loud it was, the spectators were fantastic.  Everything is designed very well for The Ryder Cup.”