Event Format - Vivendi Seve Trophy

8/24/2011 5:09:37 PM
The Vivendi Seve Trophy pits the top European golfers against each other in a team-based competition, with a format similar to the Ryder Cup, with a few differences.

First, the Vivendi Seve Trophy is played over four days, not three. It also introduces the greensome, which does not exist in the Ryder Cup.

The two teams of ten players representing Continental Europe or Great Britain & Ireland will compete over four days, with five fourballs on the Thursday and Friday, four greensomes on the Saturday morning, four foursomes on the Saturday afternoon and ten singles on the Sunday.

A total of 28 points will be awarded, with 14 ½ needed to win.

Both players on each team play their own ball (hence four balls), and the player with the lowest number of shots winsthe hole for his team.

Each of the two players on the team plays his ball, then they choose the "best" one and finish the hole by playing alternately.

The golfers on the same team take alternate shots on each hole with the same ball. One team member tees off on odd-numbered holes, and the other tees off on even-numbered holes

Each player plays against one opponent