aboutGolf and European Tour Sign Strategic Partnership

12/9/2011 3:49:25 PM
aboutGolf Simulator ()
aboutGolf Simulator ()

aboutGolf, a world leader in golf simulator and golf performance technology, announced today the signing of a partnership with the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI), in which they will release an upcoming suite of co-branded golf performance technology products.

“aboutGolf has an impressive line-up of products in development,” says Fredrik Lindgren, head of ETPI for The European Tour. “We see the immeasurable benefit their unique technology can bring to the proactive work we do with European Tour players and their coaches on Tour in the ETPI Physio Unit, and to game in general. We want to be involved.”

Over the next two years, aboutGolf plans to release an entire suite of modular technology and software products geared toward game improvement, each of which will be co-branded with ETPI.

“Our mission is to enable substantive improvement in the game of golf at all levels,” says Chuck Faust, aboutGolf President and COO.  “Partnering with ETPI certainly allows us to develop products that will drive the highest level of game improvement.”

aboutGolf and EPTI are currently working together on the Tour Fit for Golf Amateur Program, in which three amateurs are being coached by some of the European Tour’s finest coaches, using aboutGolf equipment and following the Tour Fit for Golf methodology that addresses both golf and fitness. The six-month program will prove the effectiveness of that methodology using aboutGolf technology and physio assessments to gather improvement data over time.

European Tour Performance Institute joins aboutGolf’s other partners, including PGA TOUR, Golf Channel and its line up of golf experts on its Board of Innovation. The Board of Innovation is a group of industry experts who advise aboutGolf regarding research, development and market trends.

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aboutGolf is a world leader in golf simulator and golf performance technology. The more than 20-year-old, Ohio-based company is committed to developing and applying innovative, state-of-the-art technology to enhance and improve the game for golfers at every level. Its products, including PGA TOUR Simulators, aG Studio and Henry-Griffitts Custom Fit Golf Clubs, enable substantive learning and improvement in the game of golf. Learn more at www.aboutgolf.com.

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The European Tour is committed to celebrating the game of golf, from the origins of the professional game – building a proud history of achievement, sportsmanship and integrity – to showcasing our diverse global talent and rich landscapes. The European Tour’s innovative approach enables us to embrace the world, combining championships of tradition with new tournaments in the cities and countries of the future.