Three Amateurs Get the European Tour Treatment Thanks to aboutGolf, Tour Fit For Golf and European Tour Performance Institute

12/9/2011 4:02:32 PM
aboutGolf Lessons ()
aboutGolf Lessons ()
On May 31 at The Celtic Manor Resort, three amateur golfers will receive state-of-the-art performance and health analyses, previously only enjoyed by Europe’s most elite European Tour players, courtesy of aboutGolf, the world leader in indoor golf simulators and golf performance technology, along with Tour Fit for Golf, in association with the European Tour Performance Institute.

Two of the amateurs were selected at random from thousands of people who entered via or The Daily Telegraph. Nick Blunt, 40 years old from Sevenoaks with an 11 handicap, and Chris Hughman, 32 years old from Epping, join Kevin Garside, golf correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, on five-month journey to improve both their general health and golfing performance.

All three participants will undergo a baseline assessment at The Celtic Manor Wales Open, utilizing aboutGolf technology and European Tour physiotherapy analysis. Based on observations and data collected during the assessment, each participant will receive a customized golf and fitness program recommendation from industry experts.

During the six-month program participants will receive:
 - advice from Simon Holmes, coach to multiple major winners,
 - a full health assessment from the Tour Physiotherapy Unit,
 - a biomechanics assessment by JJ Rivet, the leading authority in swing biomechanics and teacher of US Open champion Graeme McDowell, Matteo Manassero, and World number one Lee Westwood, among others,
 - tutorial videos featuring stars of The European Tour, including Martin Kaymer, Lee Westwood and Alvaro Quiros, covering a range of topics from achieving excellence through to exercise drills you can do in your own home.

Tour Fit for Golf will use aboutGolf’s aG Studio ball and club tracking device, aG Balance weight transfer analysis system, and aG Flix video swing analysis system to enable instruction and measure results with the goal of strengthening the participants’ physical state in relation to six key areas of performance: Core Stability, Synchronization, Center of Gravity, Separation, Elasticity, Explosiveness.

“The goal of Tour Fit for Golf is to bring the knowledge amassed by the European Tour to all golfers to maximize performance and reduce injury,” says Tim Dodd, CEO Tour Fit for Golf “The accuracy, reliability and robust capabilities of aboutGolf’s products allows us to offer more effective instruction and track measurable results to prove the program’s impact.”

Each month the participants will undergo a progress check and receive additional instruction at venues across the UK, including the Celtic Manor Resort, The London Club, AA Saint-Omer Hotel du Golf and Foxhills Hotel and Resort.
As a grand finale, the participants will then travel to Portugal in October to play alongside a Tour star in the Portugal Masters Pro Am at the Oceanico Victoria Golf Course, Vilamoura, Portugal.

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The Tour Fit for Golf Amateur Programme, launched in collaboration with the European Tour Performance Institute, plans to help recreational golfers of all standards optimize, for the first time, both their health and golf performance; the efficient use of the latest science and technology to improve sporting performance, has often been the deciding factor between winning and losing since the beginning of major championships. The aim of the Tour Fit Program is to use this knowledge amassed on the European Tour, to help all golfers avoid injury and to better understand the elements that are vital for delivering maximum energy into their golf shots in a repetitive way and how to test and train to improve their game. Membership of Tour Fit for Golf is FREE, and includes access to 24 fitness videos featuring Tour stars, a £25 voucher, discounts and offers on golf products, discounted optical wear, free eye tests and a regular health newsletter.