The Fastest Growing Hybrid Grip on Tour gets a New Look

09/03/2012 17:46:44
MultiCompound Whiteout Grip ()
MultiCompound Whiteout Grip ()

Eaton Corporation, manufacturers of Golf Pride® grips; the world’s No. 1 grip brand, has announced the launch of the new MultiCompound Whiteout.

The MultiCompound Whiteout adds a new white material to the upper hand area while maintaining all the performance characteristics that made the MultiCompound golf’s hottest grip.

High-performance rubber provides comfort and responsiveness to the lower hand, while black, blue or red BCT® cord provides moisture management and improved traction to the upper hand.

The new MultiCompound Whiteout complements a broad spectrum of classic MultiCompound’s that include white, red, sky blue, blue, yellow, orange and green swing grips.