Tweets of the Week in Russia - Day 4

9/7/2012 7:33:33 AM
Challenge Tour Tweets of the Week  (EuropeanTour)
Challenge Tour Tweets of the Week (EuropeanTour)

With a tense final day in store at the M2M Russian Challenge Cup and some players already making their way to Kazakhstan for next week's tournament, check out with our Challenge Tour stars have been tweeting...


Morten Madsen ‏@MMadsengolf

“Another cold and windy day here in Russia. Feels about 6 degrees out there! Ready for a fun day though! #russianchallenge #PHPH”

Chris Hanson ‏@Hansonprogolf

“On a positive note about Russia, the Latte they make is top class!! #hazelnut #caramel”

Chris Hanson ‏@Hansonprogolf

“One more afternoon of practice in Russia, then fly on to Kazakstan for the years major...! #challengetour”

Jamie McLeary ‏@JamieMcLeary64

“Travelling to Almaty for @Challenge_Tour Kazakhstan Open through Kiev. Only time in history a Scotsman has gotten beyond a Ukranian defence.”

David Law ‏@DavidLawGolf

“Off to Kazakstan this morning. Long day of travel but excited for this week!”

Byeong Hun An ‏@ByeongHunAn

“after a day in flight and airport, i'm finally in Almaty, Kazakhstan!”


Andreas Harto ‏@AndreasHarto

“I looked a little happier on the course today, but the moustache worked! It might become my best friend!”

Agus Domingo ‏@agusdomingo

“Hard day!! Managed to score -1 without hitting the ball very well! Will have to improve a little bit for 2morrow! @Challenge_Tour”

Lasse Jensen ‏@lasjensen

“This course today is not for kids! Blowing a gale and very cold. I found it difficult getting the right length. Short or airmail over green”

Justin J Walters ‏@jwaltersgolf

"My game folded like a cheap lawn chair yesterday! 5 over par for last 5 holes to miss by 1.... Ouch. Kinda scratching my head #regroup"

Jurrian vd Vaart ‏@jurrianvdvaart

“Great morning here in Russia! 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. After finishing my book, going to get ready for my rnd”

Chris Paisley ‏@ChrisPaisley86

“Raingear, rainglove, and Imodium is all I need to get through today! Looking forward to the challenge.”

Eddie Pepperell ‏@eddiepepperell

“Unfortunately for me this is the worst I've hit it all year this morning on the range! Im gonna try to chip and putt my balls off!”

Roland Steiner ‏@challlenge_tour

“M2M Russian Challenge....Day 3 after 73 & 75 its an early "cold" and windy morning over here....”

andrew coleman ‏@colemangolfpr

“@Challenge_Tour great to have such fun this week seeing some golfers at the club, having said that these guys don't need lessons”

Matt Haines ‏@MattHaines_Golf

“time to move on from yday and get ready for kazak. best get ready and go practice. 31 deg monday ohhhhh yes. get me there NOW!!!!!!!!”


Callum Macaulay ‏@birdieblitz83

“finally working a weekend. hope this is the start of a good final stretch. Time to turn it loose! off to watch Days of Thunder! #drophammer”

Matt Marsh ‏@mattmarshgolf

“Well that was an entertaining morning to say the least!! Improved on yesterday.. Enjoyed the week so far, shame I couldn't of scored better!”


Eddie Pepperell ‏@eddiepepperell

“Enjoyed my time today with the 2 Great Danes. Disappointed the conversation never got onto Bacon or Peter Schmeichel though! #alwaystomorrow”

Natalie Unsworth (ISM) ‏@NatUnsworth

“Fantastic course here in Russia for the @Challenge_Tour event but it is freeezing this morning! #beanieseverywhere”

Justin J Walters ‏@jwaltersgolf

“@Challenge_Tour 1st trip to Russia, wasn’t expecting such a great course. Membership of 25 golfers #fromrussiaw/love”

Chris Paisley ‏@ChrisPaisley86

“Probably the worst I've ever felt on the golf course. Food poisoning and golf don't mix too well. Somehow got it round in level. Done in now”


Eddie Pepperell ‏@eddiepepperell

“I'm struggling to understand how such an awesome golf course can be situated here! Russia is one big mystery to my small mind.”

Mark Litton (Referee) ‏@ETRulesOfficial

“After an 'interesting' trip here to the @Challenge_Tour in Russia, what a golf course!! It's as good a course as I've seen.”

Lasse Jensen ‏@lasjensen

“Flying to Moscow to play @Challenge_Tour It will be the start of a two week journey finishing with the "major" in Kazakhstan! #lifeontheroad”

Chris Paisley ‏@ChrisPaisley86

“Already some great stories from this week in Russia. Fortunately I'm not involved in any of them yet. There's time yet... #nervous”

Callum Macaulay ‏@birdieblitz83

“Off to airport to start 8 week stint… starting with Moscow, Kazakhstan, and Toulouse!! Time to get the finger out”