Genworth Stats Pack 2.2 - Portugal Masters R1 Review

10/11/2012 5:45:11 PM

How the field perform as a whole

This week the Genworth Stats Pack will provide a unique insight into how the field of players perform as a whole - over the Portugal Masters Oceânico Victoria Course. Take a look at the following table which displays the Genworth Statistics field data and then read our analysis below. It really does throw up some fascinating information.

Genworth Statistic All Holes Par 3 Holes Par 4 Holes Par 5 Holes
Holes Played 2340 520 1430 390
Total Strokes 9277 1619 5842 1816
Stroke Average 71.36 (47 over par) 3.11 (59 over par) 4.08 (122 over par) 4.66 (134 under par)
Eagles or Better 13 0 1 12
Birdies 380 39 187 154
Pars 1548 388 973 187
Bogeys 352 88 233 31
Others 47 5 36 6
Driving Accuracy 55.8% N/A 54.2% 61.7%
Driving Distance 292.6 yards N/A N/A N/A
Greens in Regulation 68.4% 63.0% 67.0% 80.7%
Putting 30.59 putts per round 1.72 putts per hole 1.70 putts per hole 1.67 putts per hole

Genworth Analysis - So what does the table tell us?

  • From a reduced field of 132 players, 130 completed their first round. Our analysis is based on those completed rounds.
  • From 2,340 holes the field made 13 eagles and 380 birdies, which equates to eagles or birdies being made on 16.8% of holes played.
  • The players clearly scored their best on the Par 5 holes, racking up 12 eagles (3.08% of Par 5 holes played), 154 birdies (39.5% of Par 5 holes played), and an accumulative Genworth Par 5 Scoring statistic of 134 under par.
  • The players also seemed to drive the ball better on the par 5 holes than the Par 4 holes, achieving a Genworth Driving Accuracy statistic of 61.7% (7.5% better than on the Par 4 holes). This is very interesting because you would generally expect the Driving Accuracy to be better on the Par 4 holes than the Par 5 holes (due to players using the Driver less often in percentage terms on the Par 4 holes).
  • The Genworth Driving Distance statistic shows how far the players are hitting the ball these days, with a field average of 292.6 yards (that's 267.6 metres for those who like to deal in metric measurements).
  • See how the players tend to hit the lowest percentage of Greens in Regulation on the Par 3 holes, the Par 4 holes sit in the middle, and the highest percentage of Greens in Regulation are hit on the Par 5 holes. This replicates the usual trends in tour golf.
  • Oh, and if you are wondering how many greenside bunkers in total the players visited in the first round, the answer is 87.

So what is coming up tomorrow?

Just to let you know our review after round two will include a breakdown of the hardest and easiest holes on the golf course and how the half way leaders are performing on those holes.