Genworth Stats Pack - Volvo Golf Champions Round 2 Review

1/11/2013 7:37:00 PM
Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa  (Getty Images)
Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa (Getty Images)

How have Louis Oosthuizen, Thongchai Jaidee and Scott Jamieson achieved such a healthy lead at the finish of the second round of the Volvo Golf Champions? We analyse their performances and list their Genworth Statistics side by side. Also we provide you with a helpful tip for your golf.

Analysing the leaders at the finish of the second round

The three leaders have all scored well across the different hole types, being the Par 3's, Par 4's and Par 5's. Their accuracy off the tee however is quite different. Scott Jamieson has achieved good Driving Accuracy statistics whereas Louis Oosthuizen ranks down in 23rd position out of the 33 players. Louis certainly makes up for it with his Genworth Driving Distance though, averaging 306 yards.

They have managed to separate themselves from the pack with their approach play. They rank first, second and fourth in Greens in Regulation and also first, second and fourth in Putts per GIR. This shows that they are not only hitting more greens than the other players, but their approach shots are also finishing close enough to the hole for them to convert the subsequent putts.

In contrast Paul Lawrie (lying tied fourth) has hit an excellent 80.6% of greens in regulation the same as Thongchai Jaidee, but Paul ranks down in 30th for the Genworth Putts per GIR statistic. Perhaps he can role a few more in over the weekend.

Below we list the Genworth Statistics of the leading three players side by side. Be sure to check out our 'Helpful tip for your golf' further down the page as well. And look out for tomorrow's Round 3 Genworth Stats Pack review.

Genworth Statistics Louis OOSTHUIZEN
Thongchai JAIDEE
  Stat Rank Stat Rank Stat Rank
Stroke Average 66.00 1 66.50 2 66.50 2
Par 3 Scoring 2.63 2 2.75 3 2.50 1
Par 4 Scoring 3.80 1 3.80 1 3.90 4
Par 5 Scoring 4.38 4 4.38 4 4.38 4
Driving Accuracy 50.0% 23 57.1% 14 64.3% 9
Driving Distance 306 yds 2 292 yds 14 299 yds 5
Greens in Reg 75.0% 4 80.6% 2 83.3% 1
Par 5's in 2 12.5% 15 12.5% 15 12.5% 15
Scrambles 66.7% 4 71.4% 3 50.0% 18
Sand Saves 100% 1 100% 1 100% 1
Putts per GIR 1.481 1 1.586 4 1.533 2
Putts per Rnd 25.5 2 27.0 4 27.0 4
1 Putts per Rnd 11.00 2 8.00 12 9.00 3
Eagles per Rnd 0.00 7 0.50 1 0.00 7
Birdies per Rnd 7.50 1 5.50 5 7.50 1
Pars per Rnd 9.00 - 11.00 - 9.00 -
Bogeys per Rnd 1.50 4 1.00 1 1.00 1
Others per Rnd 0.00 1 0.00 1 0.50 13

Helpful tip for your golf - Courtesy of the Genworth Stats Pack

When analysing your Driving Accuracy, don't just look at the number of fairways that you hit. Check the number of shots that finish in the semi-rough as well and combine the two. For example if you hit 10 fairways and 4 semi-roughs, that's 14 good drives. Did you know that tour professionals are very nearly as accurate with approach shots from the semi rough as from the fairway. This is likely to be the case for you too.

About the Genworth Stats Pack - Your feeback is important

Genworth and the European Tour present the Genworth Stats Pack, comprising of 5 reports per event (pre-event, after rounds 1, 2 and 3, and post-event). The reports will provide unique, interesting and useful information derived from expert analysis of the Genworth Statistics and several other sources, for example course information. The European Tour and Genworth truly hope this new tool will become essential in helping enhance the usability and understanding of the Genworth Statistics.

Please contact us with feedback for the Genworth Stats Pack.