Qualifying Venues and Schedules - Volvo China Open

2/4/2013 4:37:39 PM

Players from mainland China can enter the Southern, Western and Northern China Qualifying events on the understanding that they must pay an entry fee for each event that they play. Players from countries and regions other than mainland China can only participate in the International Qualifying event. 

These are the Venues and dates:  

(1)  SOUTHERN CHINA: Lion Lake Country Club

-          28th January, 2013:  Practice Day
-          29th January, 2013:  1st Round
-          30th January, 2013: 2nd Round

(2)  INTERNATIONAL : Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club

-          26th February, 2013:  Practice Day
-          27th February, 2013: 1st Round
-          28th February, 2013: 2nd Round

(3)  WESTERN CHINA: Wolong Valley Country Club

-          18th March, 2013: Practice Day
-          19th March, 2013: 1st Round
-          20th March, 2013: 2nd Round

(4) NORTHERN CHINA: Aranya International Golf Club

-          12th April, 2013:  Practice Day
-          13th April, 2013:  1st Round
-          14th April, 2013: 2nd Round