Genworth Stats Pack 18.1 - Tshwane Open Preview

2/26/2013 2:47:00 PM
Steve Webster  (Getty Images)
Steve Webster (Getty Images)

This week the Genworth Stats Pack heads to South Africa for the sixth and final time on the 2013 European Tour schedule, for the inaugural Tshwane Open at Copperleaf Golf & Country Estate. The 7,791 yards, Par 72 golf course designed by Ernie Els presents a sense of openness and should test every aspect of the game (even for the longest of hitters). We analyse some of the form players.


Steve Webster is perhaps the most consistent player on the European Tour so far this season. His driving is solid and from 360 qualifying holes he has hit 300 greens (83.3%), in doing so ranking 1st for the Genworth Greens in Regulation statistic. With such a big course in store this week, his long game should serve him well. Steve is one of the favourites from the international contingent.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average69.359
Driving Accuracy61.1%56
Driving Distance293 yds49
Greens in Reg83.3%1
Sand Saves57.7%84
Putts per GIR1.74760
Putts per Round30.7151
1 Putts per Rnd5.64-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring2.9741
Par 4 Scoring3.906
Par 5 Scoring4.5736
Eagles per Rnd0.0977
Birdies per Rnd4.7311
Pars per Rnd11.23-
Bogeys per Rnd1.7321
Others per Rnd0.2365
Par 5's in 2 %12.3%89


Garth Mulroy is enjoying an excellent start to his 2013 campaign. He current ranks 13th for the Genworth Stroke Average statistic and he is scoring extremely well across the different hole types (being the Par 3’s, Par 4’s and Par 5’s). Garth is driving the ball long, making lots of birdies and putting like a wizard. With top ten finishes in his last two European Tour starts, we look for him to go well.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average69.4613
Driving Accuracy59.1%76
Driving Distance297 yds26
Greens in Reg70.4%65
Sand Saves43.5%141
Putts per GIR1.6584
Putts per Round28.321
1 Putts per Rnd7.65-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring2.9319
Par 4 Scoring3.9627
Par 5 Scoring4.5222
Eagles per Rnd0.04116
Birdies per Rnd4.926
Pars per Rnd10.58-
Bogeys per Rnd2.3576
Others per Rnd0.1227
Par 5's in 2 %17.4%45


Jaco Van Zyl is the form player coming into this event. Off the back of a 2nd place finish in the Africa Open two weeks ago and a win at last week’s Dimension Data Pro-Am, the newly turned 34 year old South African will be brimming with confidence. Jaco is not hitting quite as many greens as one would think but his short game and putting are enabling him to make lots of eagles and birdies.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.5350
Driving Accuracy64.5%37
Driving Distance287 yds82
Greens in Reg64.7%136
Sand Saves69.2%32
Putts per GIR1.72229
Putts per Round28.116
1 Putts per Rnd8.05-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.0393
Par 4 Scoring4.0275
Par 5 Scoring4.4612
Eagles per Rnd0.269
Birdies per Rnd4.2130
Pars per Rnd10.84-
Bogeys per Rnd2.2662
Others per Rnd0.42119
Par 5's in 2 %19.0%36


Andy Sullivan is the highest positioned player in the Race to Dubai out of the end of year Qualifying School Graduates (currently 26th). He has enjoyed an excellent start to the season. Looking at his Genworth Statistics, Andy is ranking high in all of the long game categories and is making a good number of eagles and birdies, which should serve him well over the long course this week.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.0430
Driving Accuracy65.9%29
Driving Distance297 yds20
Greens in Reg73.6%27
Sand Saves64.7%53
Putts per GIR1.73951
Putts per Round29.699
1 Putts per Rnd6.46-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.06119
Par 4 Scoring3.9523
Par 5 Scoring4.5940
Eagles per Rnd0.1530
Birdies per Rnd4.1934
Pars per Rnd11.08-
Bogeys per Rnd2.3878
Others per Rnd0.1943
Par 5's in 2 %16.1%57

Thomas AIKEN

Thomas Aiken is starting to play well now that the season is up and running, with good results from his last three events. The same as Andy Sullivan, his Genworth long game statistics are very strong, which will be an asset over the Els course this week. A good touch around the greens should see Thomas up there contending for the title come Sunday afternoon. He is one of the favourites.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.2233
Driving Accuracy68.0%21
Driving Distance293 yds50
Greens in Reg75.0%20
Sand Saves55.0%97
Putts per GIR1.76183
Putts per Round30.1131
1 Putts per Rnd6.15-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.0283
Par 4 Scoring3.9842
Par 5 Scoring4.6148
Eagles per Rnd0.1530
Birdies per Rnd4.0048
Pars per Rnd11.55-
Bogeys per Rnd1.9031
Others per Rnd0.40110
Par 5's in 2 %23.2%18


Following a lucrative Middle East Swing, David Howell ranks 21st for the Genworth Stroke Average ranking (with a sub 70 average) and he is performing well in most statistics categories. His short game is very sharp and he is making very few mistakes on course (recording a small number of Bogeys and Others per Round). David has not missed a cut since the KLM Open last year.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average69.8121
Driving Accuracy56.7%97
Driving Distance280 yds120
Greens in Reg71.9%51
Sand Saves76.0%22
Putts per GIR1.73951
Putts per Round28.951
1 Putts per Rnd6.89-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring2.9959
Par 4 Scoring3.9523
Par 5 Scoring4.6253
Eagles per Rnd0.1155
Birdies per Rnd3.6783
Pars per Rnd12.50-
Bogeys per Rnd1.5610
Others per Rnd0.1736
Par 5's in 2 %7.7%124


Trevor Fisher Jnr is one of the early season in-form South Africans. He has a very good Stroke Average made up of some decent long game statistics and strong putting statistics. From 35 recorded Par 5 holes, Trevor has hit the green in sub-regulation two shots on nine occasions (25.7%), which has helped produce some excellent Par 5 Scoring.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.3036
Driving Accuracy60.3%66
Driving Distance--
Greens in Reg72.2%42
Sand Saves--
Putts per GIR1.69210
Putts per Round28.634
1 Putts per Rnd6.00-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.0063
Par 4 Scoring4.0058
Par 5 Scoring4.4917
Eagles per Rnd0.2510
Birdies per Rnd4.6712
Pars per Rnd10.00-
Bogeys per Rnd2.67120
Others per Rnd0.42119
Par 5's in 2 %25.7%10


Darren Fichardt turned what was to be an average start to the season into a fantastic start with his win at the Africa Open. Looking at his overall Genworth Season Statistics he is actually ranking a little low for Greens in Regulation. But when he is hitting the greens he is rolling in the putts more often than not. His Putts per GIR, Par 5 Scoring and Birdies per Round are all a confirmation of this.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.5852
Driving Accuracy57.7%88
Driving Distance289 yds71
Greens in Reg63.3%145
Sand Saves53.8%102
Putts per GIR1.6919
Putts per Round28.013
1 Putts per Rnd7.19-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.0393
Par 4 Scoring4.0163
Par 5 Scoring4.5633
Eagles per Rnd0.0879
Birdies per Rnd4.3821
Pars per Rnd10.77-
Bogeys per Rnd2.4285
Others per Rnd0.35100
Par 5's in 2 %14.1%72



Pablo Larrazábal is a bit of a statistical anomaly at the moment. The Genworth Ambassador does not appear to rank well in any of the Genworth Statistics categories except for Greens in Regulation. But looking past the red, he seems to be keeping the ball in play off the tee, which is then enabling him to hit lots of greens. The only area where improvement is needed is with his putting. A good week on the greens should see significant improvements across the board.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average72.83159
Driving Accuracy41.3%174
Driving Distance275 yds135
Greens in Reg74.1%13
Sand Saves57.1%85
Putts per GIR1.808142
Putts per Round31.3167
1 Putts per Rnd6.29-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.0063
Par 4 Scoring4.09131
Par 5 Scoring4.92170
Eagles per Rnd0.00117
Birdies per Rnd3.43108
Pars per Rnd11.07-
Bogeys per Rnd3.00145
Others per Rnd0.50135
Par 5's in 2 %6.0%138

Jeev Milkha SINGH

Jeev Milkha Singh has had an up and down start to the year, with a few good finishes and a couple of missed cuts. The 41 year old Indian golfer has not yet produced his best golf from the tee or through the fairway, but around the greens he has been superb. Just look at his Genworth short game and putting statistics. After a few weeks off following the Middle East Swing it will be interesting to see Jeev in action this week.

Season StatsResultRank
Stroke Average70.8365
Driving Accuracy51.2%145
Driving Distance291 yds62
Greens in Reg60.6%162
Sand Saves66.7%38
Putts per GIR1.70216
Putts per Round27.78
1 Putts per Rnd7.67-
Season StatsResultRank
Par 3 Scoring3.10139
Par 4 Scoring3.9842
Par 5 Scoring4.6783
Eagles per Rnd0.1719
Birdies per Rnd3.9255
Pars per Rnd11.25-
Bogeys per Rnd2.2557
Others per Rnd0.42119
Par 5's in 2 %8.3%114

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