TaylorMade Golf is Back in Black

6/5/2013 4:08:00 PM
R1 Black Driver ()
R1 Black Driver ()
TaylorMade Golf Company, makers of the No. 1 driver in golf, today announced R1 Black – the company’s first black driver since 2010.

“For three years we have only made white drivers and have heard from a number of golfers who just prefer the look of black,” said President and CEO, Mark King. “Our commitment has always been to provide golfers with the best performing golf equipment. The R1 Black gives players who prefer that colour access to our industry leading technology.”

Similar to the white version – which has been used to win 16 worldwide golf tournaments this year – the R1 Black driver features the greatest range of adjustability of any driver in the brand’s history. The R1 driver gives the golfer 12 loft-sleeve settings and 7 face-angle positions, as well as two moveable shot-shape weights. The R1’s three adjustability technologies allow it to be tuned 168 different ways to specifically fit a player’s swing to optimise distance and accuracy.

The R1 Black driver will debut on the PGA Tour next week in Memphis.

“Members of our Tour staff now have two colour options,” added King. “We will see a number of them opt for R1 Black, while others will stay in the white version to take advantage of the white/black contrast and alignment benefits.”

The R1 Black features an ultra-light Aldila RIP Phenom and is available at retail 1st July 2013 on a limited edition basis for an RRP £349, 499€, 3.999SEK, 3.495NOK, 3.495DKK and 649CHF and an RRP of £399, 599€, 4.999SEK, 4.395NOK, 4.399DKK and 779CHF for the R1 Black TP. 

View the R1 Black video here: http://youtu.be/irUMc_1BXGE 

For more information please visit www.taylormadegolf.com