Slice of the Action at Hartl Resort

7/6/2013 2:00:01 PM
Hartl Resort ()
Hartl Resort ()

A plane, no train, and just one automobile

The nearest airport to this week’s venue is in Munich, which is an almost two hour drive west of the Hartl Resort where we are playing this week. That required the hire of a car to traverse the rolling Bavarian hills in, supposedly with the aid of a Sat Nav, but alas, it did not. So, armed with Google Maps and a post code, off we set into the German wilderness. The local Autobahn took us half of the way, before being diverted into the deepest, darkest countryside, and what seemed like an eternity later, we were told by the polite navigation man that we should “prepare to park in half a mile”. Excitement was building, we were almost there, but no, the post code we had been given was to a field, in the middle of nowhere, and not a road sign in site. So we might not have seen any of the golf, but this countryside is breath taking.

On the menu

When travelling with the Challenge Tour, you of course get used to the finer things in life – grand hotels, fancy resorts, and the finest dining. This week however it is not the players and staff sampling the local delicacies, although there has been a little Weissbier consumed along the way, but it has instead been the, what seems like, millions of mosquitos who have been getting their fill of us ‘out-of-towners’. It is truly biblical scenes out there, stand still for a minute and just a few minutes later you’re covered in big red welts the size of, indeed, a golf ball. Ouch! Right, where’s that bug spray…

Forget SW19, try D – 94094

In the field this week was a certain former world tennis number one, a Russian who won two Grand Slam titles in his career, and is now trying his hand at golf. We are of course talking about Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who treated one lucky opponent to a little knock about before Saturday’s third round; showing them the ropes on one of Hartl Resort’s numerous tennis courts. Watching on, there was no doubt that the guy’s still got it, unloading a couple of big, if not his biggest, serves to great jubilation when the tennis enthusiast managed to get one back. Wimbledon, who cares?