With this win - Andrea Pavan

9/8/2013 4:26:50 PM
Andrea Pavan (Stefan Heigl) ()
Andrea Pavan (Stefan Heigl) ()

• His fourth European Challenge Tour victory.

• His second Challenge Tour victory of the season, following the Bad Griesbach Challenge Tour by Hartl Resort.

• The third multiple winner of the 2013 season, following Brooks Koepka (three) and François Calmels (two).

• The third Italian victory on the 2013 Challenge Tour. Marco Crespi won the other at the Mugello Tuscany Open.

• Moves to second in the Challenge Tour Rankings with €104,540.

• Becomes the first Italian winner of the Open Blue Green Côtes d’Armor Bretagne.

• Becomes the third Italian to win four or more Challenge Tour events. Edoardo Molinari has five and Alessandro Tadini four.