Career Money List

Shall mean a list of players who are, or who have at any time in their careers been Members, which is computed during each Official Season and lists the total prize money earned in a Member's career up to and including 31st December 1984 in DP World Tour Approved Tournaments and thereafter the total Official Money he earned in Race to Dubai Ranking Tournaments. NB. Effective from the start of the 2005 Official Season a Player must be in Membership and feature in the final Race to Dubai Rankings of that Official Season for Official Money earned during that Official Season to be credited to him within this list. When determining the DP World Tour Exemption Categories that are defined from this list, (Categories 5 and 11), the cut off will be below the 40th Player in the list. NOTE: There are two separate cut offs for these categories; 1. After the tournament in each season where the top 110 from the Race to Dubai Rankings is confirmed. 2. After the final tournament of each season”. Not all players in the top 40 will be eligible for these Categories as they are for a limited number of seasons only.