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Mobile phone policy

Mobile phone policy

Please follow our mobile phone policy.

They must be used for personal and private use only and in accordance with stipulated rules and requirements published within the venue by PGA European Tour. Such rules will include:

  • All devices must be in SILENT mode at all times.
  • Flash functionality must be switched off.
  • Mobile phone photography for personal use is permitted throughout the week on all areas of the course.
  • Mobile phone video capture is allowed in non-competition areas only, such as practice facilities and mobile phone zones.
  • Calls must be placed or received in approved designated ‘Mobile Phone Zones’ only.
  • Data use (texting, email, using the European Tour app, social media) is permitted at all times.
  • The use of mobile telephones, computers, tablets or other electronic devices, communication devices or audio-visual equipment must not inconvenience any other person in the venue.

Mobile devices that are used in contravention of this policy will have to be surrendered to officials or the person using them will be required to leave the venue.