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Are these the most annoying phrases in golf?

Are these the most annoying phrases in golf?

The most annoying phrases and habits in golf, as told by European Tour players Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Fitzpatrick, Tommy Fleetwood, Shane Lowry, Eddie Pepperell, Andy Sullivan and Bernd Wiesberger.

Matt Fitzpatrick

Staying in the moment

Bryson DeChambeau: "It's kind of cliche, staying in the moment. It's kind of what you're supposed to do anyway. It's tough for me to describe that one because I'm ... I've always been in the moment no matter what when I'm playing in competition because I'm focused on the situation. Again it's good for people who struggle with that, I think there are people who struggle with that, but for me I've always been focused on the moment in hand. It's like guys, I'm already doing that, as much as I possibly can."

Tommy Fleetwood: "I don't mind them [clichés]. Well you can only hit one shot at a time, I quite like that one. I don't know what else you could do. The cliché's are all that you can do. I'm just a happy man, I love the world."

One shot at a time

Andy Sullivan: "One shot at a time is quite frustrating to hear especially when you're in amongst it enough you know what you've got to do and then someone's going 'one shot at a time'. Well what else can you do? You can't hit two at a time can you so what else are you going to do."


Eddie Pepperell: "I think what annoys me the most is when a player hits a good shot or plays a good round and uses the term 'we'... you know, almost as if to say that him and the caddie worked well as a team when we all know it's the player, and obviously that term should only be used when it's gone bad. So I would say when a player uses the term 'we', when they really shouldn't."

Come on let's hole this putt

Shane Lowry: "When your caddie says to you 'come on let's hole this putt'. You turn around and go, what am I trying to do? You think I'm trying to miss it? Funny, I told Bo, he knows he's not allowed to say that."

Calling a 'great shot' too early

Bernd Wiesberger: "You know if you hit a good tee shot or a good drive, the ball is in the air and the guys call it a great drive , and you end up through the fairway, in bunker or the rough."

I don't watch leaderboards

Matt Fitzpatrick: "When players who are up there or leading say 'I don't look at leaderboards'. That is the biggest lie I've ever heard, you can't miss them. They're like, I don't know, 20 foot by 30 foot, it's impossible to miss them, so yes, that annoys me."

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