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The importance of off-season practice

The importance of off-season practice

It’s a truly horrible thought to go and stand on a driving range whilst the wind is howling, it’s raining and you feel like you should be dressed in ski gear rather than golf gear. Well, we want you to put those thoughts completely to bed because there is a much bigger picture at hand and it’s time to embrace the benefits of practising during the golfing “off-season”. The off-season presents a great opportunity to fine tune some of your least confident skills and keep yourself in a great rhythm for when the season finally begins. Underestimating the importance of practice during the winter months is where most amateur golfers fall well short. Like with any skill, if you just stop doing it for months at a time, there is an element of rust which needs to be brushed off before getting close to our intended performance levels. One of the most important tools in golf is your body. The off-season presents a wonderful opportunity to work on building your key muscles groups and keeping/improving flexibility. The golf swing is a very complex motion, it involves many different muscles. If one or more of those muscles is lacking behind the others, this can cause serious problems, even injuries.

On The Driving Range

Probably the most obvious place to start for all golfers when it comes to practice but we want you to utilise this facility to make sure you get the most out of it every time. It’s very easy to just turn up, buy 100 balls and just let loose with every club and feel like your job is done. But you can be smarter with your practice and really use the time to build your skills. One of the best ways to keep the driving range interesting and impactful is using skill games. Birdietime coach and multiple Ryder Cup winner Paul Casey, is a huge believer in using skills games to measure performance and add an extra level of enjoyment to his practice.


Do you use practice games on the range?

Do you feel like you use your time on the range wisely enough?

Would you know how to measure your performance on the range?

Work your body

Possibly one of the most overlooked areas in golf for amateurs is working on your body to help your golf. We don’t mean spending hours per day in the gym like Rory or Brooks Koepka. The golf swing is a complex movement, it involves many different muscle groups and getting those muscles prepared for golf will have a huge impact on your round. This is where a good, solid and repeatable warm-up is a must if you want to take yourself to the next level. Rob Goldup is a Birdietime coach and the performance coach to Francesco Molinari, he has designed a class specifically around “The Perfect Warm-up” for golf. The exercises are all simple movements, which require little to no equipment and can easily be done at home before you go out and play. We highly recommend you give this class a try and see the benefits to your game.

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Do you warm-up before you play?

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Hugh Marr, European Tour coach and Birdietime Chief Golf Officer