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How to gain distance in the comfort of your own home

How to gain distance in the comfort of your own home

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For many of you, practising golf at home will be an entirely new prospect that you may never have even considered before. We wanted to reassure you that this is not only entirely possible but can be an extremely effective way of improving your game. What makes this totally unique is you will not be required to hit a single ball.

The Set-Up

Before we get into the details of how to hit the ball further, it’s important that we give ourselves the best chance to make good contact and hit the ball straight. As a golf coach, one thing I really like to see is good balance in your set-up. That means that there is equal weight on your right and left foot and the pressure should be in the middle of your feet, not in your heels or your toes. This will help you to maintain a solid base to start swinging the golf club quickly. Another important detail is the ball position. I like to see the ball in line with your lead in-step which is slightly in front of neutral. Finally, adding a small amount of spine tilt will help us hit up at the ball, which is extremely important when trying to increase distance.

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Equipment needed: Driver and golf tees


Now we have the foundations of a good set-up, it’s time to get ourselves comfortable with it. You don’t need a ball at all for this, you just use a golf tee in the ground for a reference point and implement the key points mentioned previously. Lets recap what they are:

  1. Equal weight distribution between right foot and left foot.
  2. Equal weight distribution between your heels and toes (weight in the middle of your feet).
  3. Golf tee should be in line with your lead foots in-step.
  4. Implement a small amount of spine tilt to help you hit up at the ball

Take your set-up position adhering to the key points above and make 10-15 practice swings. Each time attempting to retain the same set up for each swing, and slowly building up speed during the practice swings.

If you’re only able to complete this task indoors and you have space to swing a golf club, use a small object that won’t be damaged from a golfing impact (plastic/sponge golf ball or rolled up paper). The smaller the object the more precise the club delivery needs to be.

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Top 5 tips and hints on how to practice at home and how to gain more distance.

  1. Remember to rehearse the basics. Make sure the set up is consistent when rehearsing your swing. Make it instinctive when you start to hit shots…
  2. Learn how to effectively warm-up for a round of golf/practice session. Working on this at home will help you increase your fitness levels but also make the whole process repeatable once the season starts again. It’s an easy way to create great habits!
  3. Start to understand how your body moves in the golf swing, and subsequently how you can start to move to increase speed. Indoor and outdoor golf-specific exercises are a great way to work on your game at home.
  4. There’s now no excuse to not work on your short game! Any indoor/garden space can utilised for working on short shots and putting. Use the time to refine strike and distance control with wedges and start line and pace control with putting.
  5. Create a schedule: As you would do with any other job or exercise program, create a plan each day with the tasks that you need to complete. Make it progressively more in-depth or make drills tougher.

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Hugh Marr, European Tour coach and Birdietime Chief Golf Officer