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BMW Ireland to mark important milestone

BMW Ireland to mark important milestone

Driving pleasure, cutting edge technology and design has always been part of BMW's DNA but did you know that sustainability is at the heart of everything BMW does? Later this year, BMW Ireland will mark an important milestone with the arrival of three new electric models; the all-new BMW iX3, BMW iX and BMW iLi.

100% electrified. 100% driving pleasure. 100% BMW.

Did you know that back at the Summer Olympic Games of 1972 held in Munich an all­ electric BMW 1602e drove ahead of athletes in the endurance events in order to film them and supply them with water as necessary? Emission-free and silent, it was the ideal companion at the time and did not obstruct competitors in achieving their best performances. Today, almost five decades later, BMW has perfected this capability in the field of electric mobility with continuous development of its electrified technology through the BMW i sub brand. With all-electric models including the BMW iX3, BMW iX BMW iLi and BMW i3, you can experience an entirely new sensation of sheer driving pleasure. Nothing compares with the feeling of gliding almost silently through traffic, the instant response of the electric motor and unique acceleration from stand-still. All of this is free of exhaust fumes and local emissions.

bmw ix3

Of course driving a BMW will always be about the joy of the journey. Whether it's a traditional engine, plug-in hybrid or electric, it's still The Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW's range of plug-in hybrids also delivers on this promise through superb performance, seamless connectivity and luxurious comforts - just as you would expect. There are no less than 15 BMW models with plug-in hybrid technology and there will be a further ten electrified vehicles added to BMW's range by 2023. You can discover BMW's electrified range by clicking here.

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This matters because it is BMW Group's single biggest ambition to be the most sustainable premium brand for individual mobility. Having already lowered emissions per vehicle produced by more than 70 percent since 2006, the BMW Group now aims to reduce its emissions by a further 80 percent (from 2019 levels) by 2030. This is extended throughout the organisation and the entire life cycle of its cars; supply chain through to production and end of life.

One of the ways the BMW Group is doing this is by defining a supplier's carbon footprint as a decision criterion in its contract award processes. The company leads the

way as the first automotive manufacturer to establish concrete CO2 targets for its supply chain. Since 2020, all production sites worldwide are operated exclusively with electricity from renewable energy sources.

And this year, all BMW production plants and locations will become climate-neutral: firstly, by reducing overall energy consumption and, secondly, by then only using renewable energies that we have generated ourselves to the greatest possible extent.

Part of the objective to become the most sustainable premium brand, recycling is a key factor. Alongside the intelligent planning of its products, the reuse of materials in the form of recycled substances is also firmly anchored in the supply-chain and is recycling 99% of all waste generated in the production of its cars.

However, the goal of climate neutrality and emission-free mobility can only be achieved through a variety of electrified drive technologies. For this reason, and in order to achieve even greater flexibility with regard to the needs of our customers, BMW will continue to drive alternative options for future mobility including the advancement of

hydrogen fuel cell technology. Step by step, BMW will break new ground towards an environmentally friendly and emission-free future.