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Patrick Reed's love for hickory

Patrick Reed's love for hickory

After excelling with a selection of old clubs in the recent Hickory Challenge, Masters Tournament winner Patrick Reed has gone out and bought a set.

Patrick Reed at the ASI Scottish Open

The American’s best effort was featured in the below video, with Reed hitting a pin-point tee shot to eight feet with a hickory shafted club at the par three 12th at Gullane Golf Club last week.

On the back of his first hickory experience the current Race to Dubai leader ventured to Jack White’s in the town of Gullane where he purchased his own custom set of the old-fashioned clubs.

“I’ve never hit hickory clubs before or an old golf ball like that,” Reed said. “I hit it really solid and it came of the face absolutely perfectly.

“I’ve always thought about trying to use some old equipment and just mess around with it in the house.

“It’s also a great training tool because you can’t swing them too hard or violently or the ball is going to go sideways.

“I finally found a spot that had them so I actually got a set and I can’t wait to take them home.”

“It was a pleasure to spend an hour with him – he was a real gentleman,” said Boris Lietzow, the owner of Jack White’s in Gullane. “He looked very closely at every club so we got a set together that is extremely playable.

“He’s a super guy and I’m so honoured that he came to our store.”

To find out more about Scotland’s only hickory bespoke shop visit

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