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Photo of the Year 2019 presented by Maui Jim

Photo of the Year 2019 presented by Maui Jim

After another superb year we’ve selected the finest 24 photos from the 2019 European Tour season.

Tommy Sunrise

In an advent-style countdown, we'll not only be highlighting the top 24 pictures, but we'll hear from each photographer about the story and situation captured in each photo.

This article will be updated each day until December 25th and you can also tune in via social media using the hashtag #ETPhotoOfTheYear. Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tell us what you think of each of the selections.

Number 24: Crans Montana from the air

24 web photo new new2

Photographer: Ru Macdonald/European Tour

"It's not every day you get to paraglide to work. When the event organisers asked if our Media Team wanted to try paragliding early on Saturday morning, the European Tour's social media editor couldn't miss the chance to picture the course from the air."

Number 23: Mauritius

Photograph of the year 232

Photographer: Warren Little/Getty Images

"While working at the course I came across this view of the mountain range behind the 15th green. I really like the tropical feel of the image, with the palm trees set against those blue skies with puffy clouds. But the mountain range with its distinctive shape really captivates the feel of being on the island and I was happy to be able to capture the course against its amazing natural beauty."

Number 22: Driving in Dubai

Photograph of the year MJ 22 Fleetwood2

Photographer: David Cannon/Getty Images

"This particular shot is taken from probably the most iconic tee on the European Tour. I particularly love the impact position, but I always find myself reflecting how having covered every single Omega Dubai Desert Classic the skyline and the city of Dubai have changed in thirty years. I think it is fair to say that the game of golf, Emirates Golf Club, and the European Tour have contributed immeasurably to the development of this extraordinary region. Golf is so much more than a sport."

Number 21: Dialled into Rory

Rory McIlroy photo of the year 212

Photographer: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

"Whilst waiting on the first tee of the final day I saw the crowds with all of their phones trying to get a photo of Rory. This reminded me of an image of Tiger Woods playing in Japan the week before where there was hardly a phone in site as Tiger made a putt. I wanted to show the contrast between the two events."

Number 20: Abu Dhabi rising sun

Photo of the year number 20

Photographer: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

"I like the subject to be identifiable, especially when it’s a silhouette. I want people to be able to have a good idea who the picture is of when they look at it. The players warm up under floodlights on the range at Abu Dhabi Golf Club as the sun hasn’t risen when they start their preparation. The layout of the range has the players hitting directly into the rising sun. It pays to be patient as the best frames come along a little later, but the sun soon gets a little too high. I like to pick my subject and work quickly before the moment is gone."

Number 19: Ho-sung's swing

Photo of the year number 19

Photographer: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

"This is the first picture I took during the Magical Kenya Open presented by Absa, which for me was a very special event. The week had several firsts, one of which was photographing Ho-sung Choi. He is a special character to say the least. Entertaining in a very unique way. It seems that no two swings are really the same, but some how he does find a way of getting the ball around the golf course. And as no two swings were the same, I had a lot of opportunity for different pictures. Many people throughout the week followed and supported Mr Choi. Kenya is special and so too is Mr Choi, recently he was won an event which only goes to show that is not how you swing, only how many shots you need."

Number 18: Sergio in the sky

Photo of the year number 18

Photographer: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

"Following Sergio at the KLM Open was a joy. As a sports photographer every now and then you see an athlete hit form that stands out from the rest, and Sergio was in that form during this event. At Getty Images we always want the athlete to stand out from the background, and here I found the logo free side of a sponsor board. I wanted to use it and lucky enough Sergio placed his ball down to tee off in the perfect spot for my photo. I was happy with the image mainly as it looks almost like he was superimposed on a fake blue sky, but this is straight out of the camera."

Number 17: Rory in Crans

Photograph of the year MJ 172

Photographer: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

“This photo was taken during the second day of the 80th Omega European Masters, which is an event I have always enjoyed working at. Rory had absolutely bombed it down this hole and had an eagle putt. What I like most about this picture is that it is so typically Swiss. The mountains in the background, the blue sky with some nice clouds, and chalets. This year especially there seemed to be a lot more flowers on the balconies.”

Number 16: JT on the Links

Photograph of the year MJ 162

Photographer: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

"I followed Justin for his round at Carnousite during the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, and he was having fun out there. There was a heavy shower but he still seemed to be light-hearted and seeing the fun side. I loved how even in rain and waterproofs, he still looks cool."

Number 15: Lawlor makes history

Photograph of the year MJ 152

Photographer: Kevin C.Cox/Getty Images

"My assignment was to cover the final hole of competition for the EDGA Scottish Open - the first event of its kind on the European Tour. I positioned myself high up in the grandstands of the 18th hole during the final round so that I could capture many moments of these amazing athletes playing from the fairway, chipping around the green, putting and shaking hands. In this frame, I was able to capture a handshake between the EDGA Scottish Open champion Brendan Lawlor and Christopher Biggins after they finished their round."

Number 14: Rahm in full flow

Photograph of the year MJ 142

Photographer: Luke Walker/Getty Images

"Taking pictures of Jon Rahm in Spain is great, from the crowds that follow him, to the way he plays his golf, he creates a lot of emotion and a fantastic vibe. Jon is a powerful man and this image on the top of his back swing really captures this power."

Number 13: Fitzpatrick mimics Seve

Photograph of the year MJ 13 Fitz2

Photographer: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

"In this image Matt has a very unusual stance. The moment was made funny by his caddie Billy Foster, who said at the time 'who do you think you are, Seve?' Billy was once Seve's caddie, so he should know that they are the only two players to have won this event, the Omega European Masters, back to back."

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