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Player Blog: Romain Langasque
Player Blog

Player Blog: Romain Langasque

This week’s Player Blog presented by Enterprise Rent-A-Car comes from Romain Langasque, who brought smiles to the faces of hospital staff in Cannes with his delivery of freshly cooked waffles during lockdown.

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I was chatting with my Dad about what we could do to help people and he said, “Romain, you might not be able to do a big thing, but you can help a little.”

I spoke to a good friend, the tennis player Benoît Paire, and we felt we wanted to help people working in shops, as they are all struggling in quarantine, as well as those working in the hospital. We decided to help out a in local shop, the Bubble Café, by making waffles and then distributing them to two different hospitals in the area. My godmother worked in one of the hospitals for a long time so she was able to provide some contacts and help arrange this.

We thought if we can just give people a smile with a different meal for a week that could be good for everyone. We did three deliveries a day and after the first one they were snapped up. Everyone was so happy – it gave people just a little respite in these tough times. It gave people a bit of a boost.

I got to know Benoît through his coach two or three years ago. He really likes golf and came to the final event of the Race to Dubai last year. Whenever I can, I go and watch him play tennis too.

We have played golf a few times but I’ve never played tennis with him. In golf, we can share a round, play our own ball and it is good fun for everyone. In tennis there is no way I can play against him and he would not take pleasure in playing against me as he would have to play at only 5 or 10 per cent of what he normally does and that’s not fun. That is why golf is cool - you can share a round with players at any different level and everyone can enjoy.

I have been staying at my Dad’s house during quarantine in the South East of France as it is was the best place for me to be able to practice a little. I have a workout space in the garage and I am able to hit a few shots in the garden. That was the easiest way for me to stay in touch with the game.

The two first weeks of quarantine I did a few trick shots but after that I saw so many good ones on Instagram and Facebook it is hard to top them! They are good fun.

The first month or so was ok but the last couple of weeks I have been really missing golf. I am working in the garden with my best friend, who has been living with us during lockdown, but now I am ready to get back to golf.

I have a net here and am able to hit balls but I am not a big fan of even hitting balls on the range and I found was not enjoying it after about half an hour. But the next tournament is not for a few months, so I have plenty of time to practice.

We thought if we can just give people a smile with a different meal for a week that could be good for everyone

Things are improving in France. We have been in lockdown at home for nearly two months and if you wanted to leave the house you need to make an application to explain where you are going and why.

Now it is getting better and from this week we will be able move within 100km and golf clubs are opening again. No restaurants or bars though. It is hard to manage the situation but we seem to be heading in right direction. Courses are opening but the conditions are going to be strict to maintain health guidelines.


Last season was great for me and in Dubai and Qatar this year I was in a good position after two or three rounds which showed my game was in a good position to compete and have some good results. Last year was my best year and I am continuing to improve my game week after week, but this situation is the same for everyone being at home, nobody playing tournaments and we all have to be patient.

I have had a taste of some of the biggest events in the world, like the Masters or even helping out as a scoreboard carrier at the Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018, and this is where I want to be to compete.

After last season, I was looking to get a better world ranking and into more big tournaments this year. Now I need to be patient and I will be there. I know I can play and perform in the biggest events and it is just a matter of time. If I am too impatient and want too much too quickly it won’t help me.

VIDEO: Mic'd up with Romain Langasque during practice in Abu Dhabi

When the European Tour is able to announce the schedule for the rest of the year, I will work on my practice schedule so that I am ready, but until then will be working out and spending time with family.

I have never had this much time with my family, and perhaps never will again, so I am enjoying these moments with everyone here and putting golf to one side. It is good to have time with them.

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