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Practise your putting at home with master PGA professional Phil Kenyon

Practise your putting at home with master PGA professional Phil Kenyon

Practise your putting at home with master PGA professional Phil Kenyon and start our new ‘Practise at Home: Putting’ program. For those of you who don’t know Phil Kenyon, his past/present pupils are composed of some of the world's best players including Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Henrik Stenson and a long list of others. During these challenging times, we wanted to bring golfers around the world high-level practise that can be performed in the space of your own home. Experience our hand picked drills and exercises, dedicated to making you a better golfer FREE for one month. As an additional bonus all European Tour newsletter readers, get an extra 15% off your monthly subscription when you sign up before the end of April. 

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We have already proven that there are plenty of great drills and exercises which are suitable for being practised at home. Putting is another skill which falls perfectly into this category. As many of you will already be aware, there may be nothing more frustrating than missing easy putts, especially if you are playing well from tee to green. In our latest ‘Practise at Home: Putting’ program you will be tasked with calibrating your putting stroke and understanding your tendencies. As an example, do you tend to miss putts to the right or to the left? Learning these tendencies and working on neutralising them will go a long way to making you a better putter. We have included a snippet of our new putting program below which looks at helping you to manage your direction. 

Calibration and Understanding Your Tendencies

This is one of the most important parts of the program. This part will start to give you very specific individual answers as to how you perform with the putter. We will categorise this area into two clear categories: Managing Direction & Managing Speed. 

The following categories of calibration exercises and drills are ideally repeated on a regular basis and form a key component of the program across the 3 weeks. With each drill we will reveal how you can make it more difficult and the location to where it’s best to work on each task. 

Managing Direction

The ability to start the golf ball on your intended line. Often referred to as the ‘start line’, if we can’t start our golf ball on an accurate enough start line we start to run the risk of losing accuracy and consistency with other factors involved with putting. For instance, if our start line is poor we will have to make compensations with our green reading. And in some cases, we may have to hit putts with different speeds to once again compensate for the error in our start line. 

In the following video Phil Kenyon will run you through a simple task to test this area. Please check the video below.

Equipment Needed: Golf Balls, Putter, Gate (Any objects that create a 5cm gate in front of the ball).

Location - Indoors: Ideally if you can find a carpet surface/putting mat (10ft of space), the roll of the golf ball will be largely unaffected (even a firm wood floor will still give you feedback on the start line).

Different Levels of Golfer

  1. General Golfer (As demonstrated in the video): 5cm Gate & 20cm In Front = 1 Degree of Error
  2. Competitive Golfer: 5cm Gate & 28cm in Front = 0.75 Degrees of Error
  3. Competitive Golfer Plus: 5cm Gate & 43cm In Front = 0.5 Degrees of Error

If you would categorise yourself as a ‘leisure golfer’ the above format creates a progression to work over the course of the 3 week program. Can you after the 3 weeks achieve a smaller degree of error, or similarly improve your ability to start it through the gate more consistently during this calibration phase?

Drill Format: 10 Putts from 10ft (Record Score)


After completing the first stage of the calibration, make sure to keep a note of your miss tendency (left- or right-hand side of the gate) and a general success score. For example, if you hit ten putts, how many did you successfully get through the gate?

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