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The Perfect Swing: does it exist? 

The Perfect Swing: does it exist? 

The European Tour, along with Official Supplier Tata Communications, today embarks on a journey to find out if the perfect golf swing exists.

Perfect Swing

Golfers spend their entire careers fine tuning the movement that could take them to the pinnacle of the game. The one question that is often asked: can the golf swing be perfected?

With 16 years of experience on the European Tour, 2008 Ryder Cup player Oliver Wilson joined us to lead the search in a European Tour mini-documentary supported by Tata Communications.

We delve into his personal journey in trying to achieve the perfect swing, and analyse what technology he uses to gain a better understanding of his mechanics.

Along with guest players, we also sat down with two of the world’s leading coaches, Peter Cowen and Robert Rock and spent time with golf data analysts 15th Club to crunch the numbers.

Meanwhile, Jean-Jaques Rivet, a world renowned biomechanistic from the European Tour Performance Institute, gave us an insight into how the body has as much of an effect on the golf swing as the fundamentals with the club. Visit www.biomecaswing.comto find our more from Jean-Jaques.

Find out more from Tata Communications here.

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