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Clutch Pro Tour to become Official Feeder Tour to the Challenge Tour

Clutch Pro Tour to become Official Feeder Tour to the Challenge Tour

The Mizuno Next Gen Series, presented by Clutch Pro Tour is today excited to announce a new elevated status, becoming an Official Feeder Tour to The European Challenge Tour.


This exciting announcement will grant an exemption onto The Challenge Tour for the leading

TWO players on the Mizuno Next Gen Series 2023 (Tier 1 OOM), further boosting the industry

leading incentives on offer on the tour.

The Mizuno Next Gen Series recently unveiled a revolutionary two tiered structure for

development golf in 2023, consisting of 36 multi day tournaments across the UK. The new two

tiered structure is set to deliver unparalleled incentives to its members, providing the following

opportunity for developing talent:

• 2 x Full Challenge Tour cards

• 50+ Invites onto The Challenge Tour

• £1.8 million guaranteed season purse

• Multiple DP World Tour & LET Invites

“We are extremely pleased to have been able to secure this status for the tour and to strengthen

our partnership with The Challenge & DP World Tour”, stated Clutch Pro Tour Co-Founder, Tom

Hayward. “Since our formation in 2019 our mission has been to set a new standard and to

redistribute value to our aspiring membership. This is another step in the right direction and a

positive reflection upon the investment and commitment that we have demonstrated in the


“As we look ahead to the 2023 campaign I am proud of the platform that we have presented to

the market and believe it offers unrivalled value to players trying to take that next step. None of

this would have been possible without the incredible team of people working at Clutch Pro Tour

who demonstrate a faultless approach on a daily basis, and equally as important are our amazing

sponsors and partners that have helped bring our vision to life.”

Category and ranking detail on The Mizuno Next Gen Series 2023

The Challenge Tour cards that are available to the leading two players from the 2023 Mizuno Next

Gen Series will be in the same 2024 Category as the leading 5 players from the three recognised

Satellite Tours with the leading Mizuno Next Gen player ranked alongside the leading player from

the three Satellite Tours at the top of this Category. The second leading player will be ranked

alongside the second leading player from the three Satellite Tours also. Should either of the top

two players from The Mizuno Next Gen series become exempt in a higher Category, for example

through a performance in the 2023 Qualifying School, the next leading player(s) from the Clutch

Pro Tour will become exempt.

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