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Q&A: Todd Clements

Q&A: Todd Clements

Todd Clements showed his prowess in just half a season on the European Challenge Tour last year, narrowly missing out on a spot in the Challenge Tour Grand Final. He has full playing rights this season and with a full schedule ahead of him, we sat down to speak to him ahead of the Dimension Data Pro-Am at Fancourt Golf Estate.

Todd Clements

How have you found the two weeks leading up to this one?

We started in Limpopo and it was a completely different environment. It was in the middle of the bush, as they call it, and I played reasonably well. I had some good parts of my game and finished in the top 20, but I felt like it could have been a lot better, but that’s golf.

Then we went down to Royal Cape and the whole place and the whole vibe down in Cape Town is incredible, especially in Camps Bay. It stole me away really and it was good for getting away from the golf. The course was fantastic and it seems we’ve saved the best until last; this place looks incredible.

So what about Fancourt – it’s amazing, isn’t it?

It’s absolutely immaculate. The tournament is run superbly and it’s got a great buzz to it. Everyone’s really excited for the next four days. I’ve played two of the courses and I’ve got Josh with me, who caddied for me last year, and he’s been out walking all the courses. He’s got all the notes but they’re in immaculate condition, especially The Links. It’s a golf course you’ll never forget.

How does it alter your approach, having to get to know three courses rather than one?

It’s a big ask, in all honesty. Keeping fresh is a big focus of mine. You can’t be playing three lots of 18 holes in practice, you’ll be burning out. I’ve just tried to use local knowledge to find out which courses I should and shouldn’t play and that’s why I played The Links, because it’s predominantly the tougher one, and I left the Outeniqua out because everyone keeps saying it’s straightforward and the most simple.

You’ve been to South Africa before, is it a country you enjoy visiting?

If you’re sensible and you’re really safe, it’s an amazing country and it’s got loads of potential. I love the weather. You rarely ever get bad weather and with the Rand being in our favour, as Europeans, it makes it an enjoyable place to eat and drink and enjoy that side of life.

Who are you staying with this week?

I’m staying with Richard Mansell, who is a good friend of mine. We played Satellite Tours together last year and we just hang around with guys who are similar age to me and have the same kind of drive and determination to push each other on this year.

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