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Spectator FAQ - UAE Challenge

Spectator FAQ - UAE Challenge

Here is everything that you will need to know as a spectator at the 2023 UAE Challenge

Experience golfing in the United Arab Emirates like never before. Come and see the up-and-coming stars of the golfing world here in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi will be home to two Challenge Tour events this year, the second of which is at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, where the UAE Challenge will take place from the 4th – 7th of May before the European swing begins.

Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is considered to be a natural reserve as a result of its beautiful wildlife and ocean-side setting. Located only 27 minutes from the Airport and 15 minutes from the city of Abu Dhabi, this remarkable venue is easily accessible by car, taxi or Careem (see below for taxi and Careem contact information). Spectators can enjoy complimentary parking beside the clubhouse allowing easy access to the course.

The Challenge Tour welcomes you all to this inaugural event, where you have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with our rising stars.

Transport information:

Location: Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Taxi number: 600 535 353

Careem: download the app from the Apple or Play Store

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