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Patience is key for Sordet

Patience is key for Sordet

Clément Sordet is focussed on sticking to the process as he approaches his sixth successive week on the road at this week’s Kaskáda Golf Challenge.

Sordet (3)

The Frenchman finished fifth at last week’s Empordà Challenge as he reaffirmed his position inside the top five on the Road to Mallorca Rankings, which he set up nicely with a first victory of the season at the SDC Open in South Africa.

He is a seasoned winner on the Challenge Tour, with five victories in total, and after battling with his mindset in recent times, is ready to grasp a place in the top 20 on the Road to Mallorca Rankings.

“Last week was actually really good,” he said. “I’ve been struggling to score over the last few weeks but I tried to stay patient and trust the process. I know I was playing well, the weather has been tough the last few weeks so I just stayed patient and it paid off last week.

“I’ve been struggling the past few years. I feel like I’m in the right position and I feel pretty good in my head. I know where I want to go and I think that’s the key to success.

“It’s tough out here. There are a lot of good players and I think maybe 60 or 70 really deserve to go on the DP World Tour. It’s quite a big competition and there only 20 spots at the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll be part of that.

“I felt like it was really nice to get off to a good start. I won in South Africa pretty quickly and I also had a top five and two top tens, which is pretty good. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doingand hopefully I finish in the top 20 at the end of the year.

Sordet’s run of events started at last month’s Soudal Open on the DP World Tour and, despite his love for competing, he is looking forward to some well-deserved rest next week.

“This is my sixth event in a row,” he said. “I played one in Belgium on the DP World Tour and this is my fifth in a row on the Challenge Tour. It’s been a long time away from home – I really miss my dog! – so I’m excited to go home next week.

“I try not to look at points. I try to look at how I feel. At the moment, I feel good so I just like to keep going. Sometimes you just need to take some weeks off. I’ll try and take two weeks off in the summer to have one week completely off and then practice again. You just try to do the schedule and see how it goes.”

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