Matteo Manassero has become the youngest ever winner of the BMW PGA Championship at just 20 years and 37 days after a four hole play-off including Simon Khan and Marc Warren.

  • Manassero birdied fourth extra hole to win having gone 4, 5, 4, 4 in the play-off
  • Simon Khan found the water at 18 fourth time round posting figures of 4, 5, 4, 6
  • Marc Warren fell out of the play-off on the first extra hole after his drive found the trees at 18
  • This was the longest sudden death play-off in BMW PGA Championship history

Re-live all of the final day action below courtesy of our #ETLiveBlog


Cheers, Matteo.



That just about does it as the light begins to fade at Wentworth. And what a fabulous week it has been; many thanks for joining us here on #ETLiveBlog. From the wild, wet opening rounds of Thursday and Friday, when around 40,000 hardy souls braved the brutal weather to come out and watch, to the wonderful sun-drenched weekend, it has truly been a week to remember. None more so than for 20 year old Matteo Manassero, who was such a worthy winner of this flagship event. Enjoy and...


Watch the best of the final day action on an historic day at the BMW PGA Championship, and one a certain young Italian won't forget in a hurry:




Some numbers about Manassero’s astonishing victory this week. This is his fourth European Tour International Schedule triumph in just his 82nd ET event, therefore averaging just 20.5 events per win in his extraordinary, embryonic career. It will move him into the top 30 of the Official World Golf Ranking from 57th and this week’s is his fourth victory in four consecutive seasons, matching the current European Tour record for most back-to-back winning years held by Ian Poulter and Louis Oosthuizen. Mesmeric Matteo.


Matteo Manassero two putts to become the youngest ever winner of the BMW PGA Championship, at just 20 years and 37 days old, winning at the fourth extra hole with a closing birdie four. Congratulations Manny!


That confirms it, Khan fails to hole out from 80 yards short of the green having taken a penalty drop, he can do no better than par. That leaves Manassero with two putts for it.


An expectant grandstand watches on, but Khan comes up mere feet short of the green, and finds the creek short of the green. Advantage Manassero, as long as he can find the green, and rescue club in hand that is exactly what the Italian does. He has 25 feet left, with two putts almost certainly set to be enough for the title.


Khan left with 247 yards to the green, Manassero with 219


Manassero with a change of tact, forcing the issue, maybe he’s got somewhere to be? He drills a driver down to position A, while Khan clips a three wood into the fairway, but much further back.


Khan, who would become the eighth winner of the BMW PGA Championship in his 40s if he wins - and first since Miguel Angel Jimenez triumphed aged 44 in 2008, of course won this tournament in 2010. Watch his final hole from there right here: http://www.europeantour.com/tv/?v=191876&t=1627


One practice swing, shuffles in, and dead weight it falls in the front door. He might only be 20, but this guy’s come to play. Unphased, Khan rolls in his three footer for a matching birdie. So, will fourth time be a charm…?


That was quick, but Manassero’s hands are softer than most and his effort rolls on seven feet past the flag, but leaves a very makeable putt back up the slope from the left. Khan, with less green to work with, but able to put a lot more spin on it as it lands like a butterfly with sore feet and rolls out to three feet. Have to think Manny’s is must make…


Manny fizzes in a hybrid that has careered into the back bunker, and leaves a treacherous trap shot down the marble staircase towards the water. Meanwhile Khan dispatches a baffler of his own that also bounces into another of the back bunkers that guard the rear of the green. And us without our buckets and spades…


Manassero centre cut and facing 243 yards to the pin, while Khan is a few paces closer, he has 229.


Manassero back in the Mayor's Office after a superb fairway wood, but Khan has stepped up with a three wood of his own this time round, and he's gone even better. Perfectly poised here in the glorious sunshine.


Those three that weren't settled in two or less play-off holes, by the by, were all decided on the third. Are we minutes away from finding out this year's champ?


Of the 11 previous play-offs contested for the BMW PGA Championship (not including the 36-holer played in 1956 when Charlie Ward beat Eric Brown), all but three have been settled in two or less holes. Not this one...


No good. High, wide, and not too handsome from the Italian, and we’re back down 18 for a third time.


Grazes the right edge. Fantastic effort, but it doesn’t drop for Khan. Manny for the win…


Bye gum these greens are quick, as Manassero runs a similar shot to last time round down the green to leave him with a longer version of the putt he holed at the first extra hole. It’s left to right, and a fair amount to boot, but Khan to go first…


Khan looking steely and determined with a decent, if not spectacular, effort that leaves him a down hill, right to lefter, for the four.


Simon Khan

. hits his second shot on the 18th hole during the final round of the BMW PGA Championship

From the right semi, Khan has bunted one down the fairway with the shortest of irons, and will have a shot of around 100 yards to the pin. A chance, no doubt, to apply some pressure to the Italian with a pin-point pitch, but if he fails to get it close it should prove a real fillip for Manassero and his imperious short game.


Fairway wood from centre cut for Manassero, but he pushes it right and into the tree that guards the green, before dropping down to leave him a longer version of the pitch he got up and down last time round.


Simon Khan

. hits his second shot on the 18th hole during the final round of the BMW PGA Championship

Matteo Manassero

putts on the 18th green for his final hole in regulation at the BMW PGA Championship.

Pearler from Manassero with a three wood once more as Khan runs one through the rough down the right and into the fairway. Advantage to the Italian, but only just.


Couple of little tit-bits for you on the now-two contenders for the BMW PGA Championship. Manassero, if he were to prevail, would be the first winner in his 20s (and only just at that) to win the tournament since Jose Maria Olazabal 19 years ago in 1994. Khan, meanwhile, would be the fifth Englishman to triumph in the flagship event in succession after Paul Casey (2009), Khan ('10) and Donald ('11, '12).


MINI FIST PUMP ALERT… Manassero rolls in a gorgeous little putt from five feet, the stones on that boy, as Khan matches his four and we head back to the tee for round two as Warren falls at the first hurdle.


Going first once again, Manassero clips a chip and run up the green, the ball taking the natural contour of the surface from right to left and down to five feet. Khan, from the edge of the bunker and an awkward stance, flops up a cultured little effort that narrowly misses the cup on the left and leaves him with a two and half footer up hill, right to left for a four.


It turned out that Warren hadn’t quite made it into the hazard, but from a downslope in the rough he was unable to conjure anything other than a mid-iron that this time found the hazard short of the green. Warren now out of contention, but having dropped out, then pitched on and will have an eight footer for a seven.


Lying side by side, Manassero goes first with a little baffler that cuts into the area just short right of the green, while 2010 champion Khan takes dead aim with a fairway wood and runs through the back of the green and onto the edge of the back bunker. Under the pressure, can their short game’s prevail…


Warren finds his ball in the right trees, but declares it unplayable and heads back to the tee for his third. The Scot selects the driver this time round, but has found the hazard that crosses the fairway and is almost certainly out of contention now.


From the tee: Marc Warren stands up first and sprays a three wood way right and into the trees, while Manassero with a three wood, and Khan with a driver, have found similar positions down the very right of the fairway and may be blocked out by trees.


So, here's the low-down on how these three gladiators have fared in their previous play-offs...

*First three-way play-off in the Championship since 1976 when Neil Coles beat Eamonn Darcy and Gary Player. This is only the second three-way play-off in the Championship’s history.

*The 12th play-off in Championship history.

*Marc Warren has won both his European Tour events in play-offs; the 2006 Scandinavian Masters and 2007 Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles.

*Matteo Manasero has won the only European Tour play-off he has been involved in, the 2012 Singapore Open.

*Simon Khan has won the only play-off he has been involved in, the 2004 Celtic Manor Wales Open.

*The third, three-way play-off this season. The first was when Scott Jamieson beat Eduardo de la Riva and Steve Webster in the Nelson Mandela Championship presented by ISPS Handa. The other was when Raphaël Jacquelin beat Felipe Aguilar and Max Kieffer at the Open de España.


A fine effort for the Spaniard, but he played too much borrow and it never really looked like going in. Still though, a fine tournament for a man who just a few weeks ago was struck down by viral meningitis, and his closing birdie sees the 54 hole leader finish in a tie for fourth alongside compatriot Miguel Angel Jimenez.


...AND WHAT A LOVELY SHOT THAT IS. The Spaniard fires in a beautiful three wood to 15 feet, a putt that would see Canizares join Messrs Khan, Manassero and Warren in the sudden-death contest.


...AND WHAT A LOVELY SHOT THAT IS. The Spaniard fires in a beautiful three wood to 15 feet, a putt that would see Canizares join Messrs Khan, Manassero and Warren in the sudden-death contest.


And what of Canizares? He needs a three at the last to make it a four-way play-off and he's given himself a chance by finding the fairway to set up a shot at the green. Fairway wood...


Not a putt he could have a go at, Manassero rolls up to inches having left it a little low and a little short. Three way play-off to come with Simon Khan, all finished at ten under par. All three will head down 18 once more upon the completion of play.


Warren misses on the left hand side, but should tap in for par. Manasero with one, more than likely, for the win.


A couple of so-so efforts from this penultimate group, both pitching to 20 feet or so, and suggesting play-off unless one of them can come up with something very special. Possible fist pumps to follow…


Despite a brilliant flop-shot third from off the 17th green, Canizares fails to hole the remaining birdie and will have to find eagle at the last to make it into a play-off, should Manassero and Warren only make par at 18.


Both Manassero and Warren have laid up into perfect position. Wedges to come...


Still pumped, Manassero has drilled a bullet three wood into the second trap at the elbow of the dogleg, while Warren with an iron for safety has found a thick lie in the left rough. Looking like lay-ups for both…


Just a par for Matteo Manassero at the long 17th, matched by playing partner Marc Warren, meaning it’s more than likely that a birdie down the last could win the BMW PGA Championship.  Could've been better for the Italian, who left a makeable 15-foot birdie putt inches short at the par five. A couple of pars could spell a three-man play-off. But don’t yet discount Spain’s Alejandro Canizares. He’s only two back playing the 17th. Dramatic conclusion in the offing.


Not necessarily a ‘seasoned’ player, but Eddie Pepperell has had a fantastic week here at his first BMW PGA Championship, having only just made his way into the field at the start of the week. Signing off with a closing round of 69, to go with his previous rounds of 71-69-71, the Oxford native has finished at eight under par and is currently in a tie for fifth. Known as a wise old owl at the tender age of just 22, he certainly showed experience beyond his years this week, and we look forward to more of the same in the years to come. Hoot. Hoot.


Bogey for leader Warren after a pulled drive, a second that found sand, and a miss from some 15 feet when faced with a very tricky left to righter that had some two or three feet of break, as playing partner Manassero makes a less than text book par. The Italian got very lucky down the left, narrowly avoiding the out of bounds, and a free drop later leaving him with a clear swing at the green. He would find the same sand as Warren at the front right of the green however, but a sublime splash shot later and the Italian was left with a four footer for par that he duly holed. Khan, Manassero and Warren are all tied at ten under par.


54-hole leader Canizares back to within three at eight under par after a nice little deuce at 14, having rolled in a slick ten footer. Let’s just hope he entered the twos club…


James Kingston and Miguel Angel Jimenez, two of the three eldest men in the field, have finished in some style here at Wentworth. First round leader Kingston birdied five of the last seven to shoot a closing 68 and finish in a current tie for fifth at eight under par, thanks to a 40 footer for a four at the last. While Jimenez, one of the all-time great fairway wood players, proved why he has earned such an accolade, holing out from six feet at 18 for eagle thanks to another trademark effort. The Spaniard, on his 600th European Tour appearance, finishes with a 67 for nine under par and fourth on his own as it stands.


Watch how Marc Warren holed out from 120 yards for birdie to take the lead a short while ago...




And the bad run continues for Westwood having found the trees left of 12 from the tee, as a penalty drop, and numerous shots later the Englishman misses from four feet for a bogey. An ugly double, although, have you ever seen a pretty one…


Matteo Manassero holes a 12-footer for birdie at the 13th to get back the shot he dropped at 11 and the Italian is now back within one of Warren’s lead. Fistpump from the 20 year old, who’s got a look of steely determination in his eyes, not to mention a fine pair of green slacks.


Marc Warren is safely aboard the par three 14th with his tee shot, but here's how on-course analyst Jay Townsend thinks it should be played...




With a number of our leaders struggling to establish themselves atop the board, Marc Warren has just made an unlikely birdie at the 13th, where having failed to clear the lip from the fairway bunker the Scot preceded to spin back a naughty little pitch that found the cup to send him to 11 under par.


After finding the 18th in two blows, 2010 champion Simon Khan lags his eagle putt down the slope and duly dispatches the remaining two feet for birdie, meaning the Englishman closes out a fine six under par 66 to set the clubhouse lead at ten under par. Might that be enough?! Great drama on what is shaping up to be a classic final day here on the West course.


While all that was going on Marc Warren has snuck up on the rails with three birdies in a row from the turn and he is our new leader at ten under par. Having found the fairway at 12, the Scot found the heart of the green, and two putts later he was the man at the top of affairs. Plenty of golf left to go though…


HOOT! HOOT! Cry the galleries at 14. Oxfordshire’s Eddie Pepperell is on the move. Birdie at 14 and the Englishman, one of three in the top six, is within one.


Watch the thoughts of clubhouse leader Ernie Els, after he posted a target of eight under par thanks to today's 67...




Having said that, the Italian’s par putt from some 12 feet at 11 has just lipped out on the left side, as Westwod two putts for par at ten, leaving Manassero one adrift heading to the very birdieable next.


Both of our current leaders, Lee Westwood and Matteo Manassero looking to make history here at beautiful Wentworth today as they reach the turn with nothing to separate them at ten under par. If Westwood triumphs he would create a new BMW PGA Championship record for the most appearances before winning the event for the first time, with 20. This would beat the previous record of 19, set by Miguel Angel Jimenez in 2008. The Italian, meanwhile, as mentioned, could at 20 years and 37 days become the youngest winner in the championship’s history, taking over from Wentworth legend Bernard Gallacher, who 20 years and 97 days when he won back in 1969. RECORD CHASERS.


He may have faded slightly after a positively electric start, but a 40 footer for birdie at the last for American Peter Uihlein, who won for the first time on The European Tour last week at the Madeira Islands Open – Portugal – BPI, sees him finish on six under par in his BMW PGA Championship debut.


Manassero, two in a row from eight and he’s tied with Westwood. The Italian showing experience beyond his modest years, and handily placed to become the youngest ever winner of this championship.


Classic match play scenario, except we’re playing stroke play. Westwood holes from 20 feet at the eighth for an unlikely birdie, but a superb bounceback from the Worksopian. Canizares had looked in the box seats for the bird, yet he was unable to follow Westwood into the cup from just five feet, and he settles for par. The Englishman leads by one at ten under.


15 within three of lead at nine under par, as Canizares knocks it close at eight. Five feet left for the bird...


Back-to-back bogeys for Westwood, a score matched by Canizares at seven, and they both slip back to nine under par alongside Khan and Manassero, who has just tapped in on eight for birdie after a superlative approach. A minute ago it was a two horse race, now it's anyone's guess...


Simon Khan loves it here – the 2010 champion has parred 13 after a fourth birdie of the day at the 12th, the previous three coming at two, four and six, and the man known as ‘Chaka’ is eight under and two back. Can he post a competitive total so six holes ahead of the final group?


Meanwhile, course redesigner here at Wenworth, Ernie Els, finishes at the 18th with a fine closing 67 to post eight under par. He is still to win a stroke play event here on the West Course, and he will have to wait another 12 months to try remedy that once again.


Westwood stumbles to a bogey at the innocuous sixth, airmailing the green from the fairway but failing to get up and down from the back rough. An error compounded by his playing partner’s subsequent birdie, as Canizares finds the fairway, then the green, before rolling in a positive effort up the hill and right to left straight into the heart of the hole. We’re all tied once more, this time at minus ten.


Two shot swing as Canizares becomes only the second man today to bogey the fourth, after a pulled drive left him in an awkward spot on the spectator walkway on the edge of the trees, as Westwood takes his opportunity to assert himself here in the final round with a regulation birdie four to go to 11 under par.


GO EDDIE! Cheers echo round the eighth green as Oxfordshire man Eddie Pepperell, who seems to have everyone he knows out there today, rolls in a 12 footer up the slope for a third birdie of the round, he’s two back at eight under.


Jay Townsend: How to play the par 3 5th hole at Wentworth




Alejandro Canizares has bucked a week long trend at the third as one of the minority to make a birdie three, cutting in a beautiful mid-iron to a tight front pin at the hardest hole on the course, leaving a downhill left to righter that he duly holed. However, like all great champions, Westwood matched his playing partner to move alongside at ten under par and one clear of Manassero who is fresh of a sandy birdie at four.


Miguel Angel Jimenez holes out on the third

and enjoyed the moment during the final round of the BMW PGA Championship on the West Course

Meanwhile, the wheels seem to have fallen off the Uihlein victory bandwagon after a second bogey of the day at 11, although his five birdie streak from the second hole earlier in the round was the best consecutive streak of the week. Some consolation at least.


DRAINO… Lee Westwood pours in a tramliner on two for birdie and share, as Canizares two putts for his par three.


ALMOST. Gregory Bourdy, six under par through 13, has just lipped out for a hole in one at the par three 14th. The Frenchman came within millimetres of a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, and will have to make do with just the birdie two.


Niclas Fasth has now picked up now fewer than five shots through 12 holes today, now within one of Canizares, who pars the first hole, as does playing partner Westwood. With everyone out on the course, we are GO GO GO in the final round of the 2013 BMW PGA Championship. Fantastic few hours ahead here in the Wentworth sunshine.


MAKE THAT FIVE IN A ROW. Wow, massive sign of intent from Uihlein, who birdied three of the birdies to close out last night. That’s eight birdies in his last nine holes and now within one of the lead. Extraordinary from the American.


Niclas Fasth’s super start continued with a fourth birdie in succession at the short fifth, meaning the Swede is now within two of Alejandro Canizare’s lead at seven under par. Also going well as we get towards the business end of the day are Peter Uihlein, the American who claimed his first European Tour title last week at the Madeira Islands Open – Portugal – BPI to get into this event, who also sinks four birdies on the spin from the second to move to seven under par.


BMW PGA Championship - Day 4 Preview


Danny Willett (-4) with only second eagle of the week on the par five 17th, he’s six under for the day. An example of things to come from the leaders, perhaps…


Niclas Fasth hasn’t had a top ten on The European Tour since 2011, and at the BMW PGA Championship since 2007, but after three birdies in a row from the second the Swede is in a tie for fifth currently. Meanwhile, Frenchman Gregory Bourdy, just a hole ahead, has also reeled off the red numbers, having made a trio of birdies in his first five holes.


Round of the day so far for Welshman Jamie Donaldson, who posts a five under par 67 to soar 31 places up the leaderboard into a tie for 33rd currently. Not bad for a day’s work.


Access All Areas - Super Slow Mo Camera


Early bird, or should that be oiseau, catching the worm as Raphael Jacquelin takes strides up the board with an eagle at the fourth hole after teeing off at 1010. The Frenchman moves into a tie for 21st at three under par. Has some previous form here, too, having finished fourth in 2011…


Danny Willett (-2) the latest to prove that birdies will be the order of the day out there for anyone harbouring Championship winning aspirations, as the Englishman cards four in a row from the fifth, followed by a par at nine, for a bogey free, four under par, first half of 31.

And following on from that beauty, all you stattos out there can get more numerical treats in the below Genworth Stats Pack...

Genworth Stats Pack 28.4 - BMW PGA Championship Round 3 Review

Improved conditions for Round 3 produced 36 sub-par rounds and a field average score of 71.23. Alejandro Cañizares leads on -9 with Westwood, Manassero, Warren and Lowry following behind. We analyse how they did it plus we round up the Genworth Statistics leaders.



Looking at the hole stats from this week, thus far, your eyes are quickly drawn towards the 552-yard fourth. Anything worse than a birdie at the downhill par five could be considered disappointing, given the fact it has yielded 25 eagles and 220 birdies so far in the championship, at an average of 4.394 - ranking the easiest hole on the West. That's also nine more eagles than there have been bogeys or worse made on it so far this week! Scoring opp.


For those starting a few strokes out of the lead, never fear, as Jamie Donaldson is showing that once again there are birdies abound out on a slightly more benign West Course layout after Thursday and Friday’s testing conditions. So far today the Welshman is three under par, having just made the turn, after birdies at two, four, five and nine were countered by a single dropped shot at the seventh.


If you missed anything yesterday, here's our quickfire catch up...

BMW PGA Championship Day 3 Highlights




The stage really is set for a barn storming final day here at The European Tour’s flagship event – the BMW PGA Championship – as 20 thousand odd fans filter into the Wentworth Club grounds with four hours still to go until the final group hits the links. Head to Twitter and use #ETLiveBlog to tell us who you fancy to win this afternoon…

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Tournament Leaderboard

Pos Player nameNatHolePar
1MANASSERO, MatteoITA18-10
T2KHAN, SimonENG18-10
T2WARREN, MarcSCO18-10
T4JIMÉNEZ, Miguel AngelESP18-9
T4CAÑIZARES, AlejandroESP18-9
T6ELS, ErnieRSA18-8
T9MOLINARI, FrancescoITA18-7
T9RAMSAY, RichieSCO18-7


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