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Behind-the-scenes of the DP World Tour’s television broadcast

Behind-the-scenes of the DP World Tour’s television broadcast

The latest episode of Introducing Data Evolution presented by Fortinet tells the story of how the DP World Tour is improving its on-screen television broadcast and on-site fan experience, with the help of ARL/Virtual Eye.

Launched earlier this year, the series began by highlighting how Referees and Rules Officials utilise data in course set-up, pace of play and within rulings at our tournaments.

Its focus is on the crucial role technology, data and connectivity play in different aspects of delivering a DP World Tour tournament.

ARL, through their golf broadcast company Virtual Eye, provide broadcast graphics solutions for the DP World Tour’s international World Feed Broadcast. This includes the visualisation of on-site data, collected in real time, presented on a virtual representation of each golf course in the schedule.

Models of the courses are built before each tournament, so the ‘virtual world’ is ready for the real-time data points to be added. The result is an ultra-informative graphics capability which can be used by the TV Producer and Director, illustrating a variety of statistics. This can include the challenge of a specific hole or the differences between the playing strategy of players within the same group. These assets help inform the viewer by adding visual and statistical context to the narrative of the broadcast.

We spent time with Head of Golf at ARL, Eliott Smith, and Executive Producer at European Tour Productions Russell Dawson to see how the creation of a data-rich ‘virtual world’ has enhanced our broadcast output.

Chief Technology Officer Michael Cole also joined the episode to discuss the integration, evolution and increased use of data at the Tour to enhance the experience of fans on-site – and the benefits of the operation from a sustainability perspective.

The Data Evolution series is presented by Fortinet, the Official Cybersecurity Partner of the DP World Tour:

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