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DP World Tour | Fortinet Data Drive Ep. 4

DP World Tour | Fortinet Data Drive Ep. 4

How does technology help golfers practice to compete at the highest level?

Introducing Episode Four of the Data Drive presented by Fortinet. This year we are teaming up with our Official Partner Fortinet to bring you a four-part series exploring how advanced analytics and statistics have transformed the sports industry and become readily accessible to fans, players and media in the golfing world.

The fourth episode of the series explores the radical changes in player’s practice habits with the introduction, and widespread use, of launch monitors and ball tracking software. The use of launch monitor and ball-tracking software give players and coaches real-time shot data in a way that has never been possible before.

Technologies such as Trackman, ForeSight, FlightScope and more, have become an almost compulsory tool for players both on the driving range and out on the course as they look to go beyond ‘feel’ and delve into objective data which reveals the truth of how they are hitting the ball.

Whether used for club fitting, swing maintenance, enhancement of practice or adjustment to new condition/surroundings, the technology empowers players to monitor the most granular aspects of their game with ultimate precision, and use that data to analyse weaknesses and improve performance.

The Data Drive series is presented by Fortinet, the Official Cybersecurity Partner of the DP World Tour:

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