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Finau gets surprise from NFL great at Augusta

Finau gets surprise from NFL great at Augusta

Weather delays at golf tournaments are notoriously dull affairs - that is unless you are at the Masters and your name is Tony Finau.

Tony Finau

As inclement weather swept over Augusta National on day three of the 2021 Masters Tournament, an hour and 18 minutes of play was lost.

Hideki Matsuyama revealed he took to his phone for entertainment and you can be sure many others did as well, whether they were calling, scrolling or gaming, the mobile phone is the go to tool for killing time.

But Finau got quite a surprise when he was handed the phone of Augusta National member Jimmy Dunne - he got a FaceTime with NFL great Tom Brady.

"It was a surprise for sure," said Finau. "Jimmy Dunne had his phone...he was FaceTiming with Tom Brady and he said somebody wants to talk to you.

Tom Brady

"So I grabbed his phone and picked it up and it was Tom. That was a pleasant surprise. He said great playing and he's following. 

"He said he's surprised we stopped. He said, 'in the NFL, when it rains, we don't stop'. I said, 'maybe we're not as tough as you guys', and he said, 'no, that's not the case'. 

"We had a good laugh about that. He was giving me some crap about the weather and why we stopped. He was obviously watching and that was cool he was following."

Now that is how you kill time.

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