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Golf for Good: Impact Report
Golf for Good

Golf for Good: Impact Report

It’s been a big year for our Golf for Good programme and its three main projects, which are driving golf further in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. A few facts below, and check out our end of year wrap film...

Green Drive

-10,300 trees planted as part of our “Drive the Green” initiative

-First ever sports TV broadcast powered 100% by green hydrogen

-300,000 plastic water bottles avoided via refillable water stations

-50% increase in events offsetting unavoidable emissions vs 2022, including all Rolex Series events

-20% increase in tournaments that have fully measured their carbon footprint

G4D (Golf for the Disabled) Tour

-86% increase in G4D participation

-Tournaments in two new markets

-1st major at the G4D Open

Golf Futures

-Over 250 students attended workshops on careers in golf

-Over 1,000 students invited to tournaments to learn more about the sport

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