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Golfers take on the Pasta Carbonara | Hilton 

Golfers take on the Pasta Carbonara | Hilton 

Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri, Rome.

You’ve seen us challenge golfers with their clubs on the course, but how about a challenge off the course?

Well, wait no longer as we’ve teamed up with our Official Partner Hilton to bring you a new series.

Around the world, Hilton pride themselves on first class service and experiences for their guests when they stay at one of their properties. This week we’re in Italy and we challenged two of our players to try and recreate one of the iconic Roman Pasta dishes, the carbonara.

Guido and Adri will have 10 minutes to recreate this dish and the winner will be judged by Head Chef Fabrizio who earlier showed them how to make the perfect carbonara.

Let’s see who the best chef is….

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