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Find out more about volunteering at The 2023 Genesis Scottish Open.

Volunteers at the Genesis Scottish Open

We would like to thank the 550 volunteers who are providing support across a number of roles at this year’s event. From everyone at Genesis Scottish Open, DP World Tour and PGA Tour, we would like to thank all the volunteers for their commitment and support to the Genesis Scottish Open. We couldn’t do it without you, please enjoy your week.

Volunteer Roles


Volunteers may be asked to complete a minimum of shifts in order to participate and generally must be at least 18 years of age (or 17 years old with a waiver signed by a legal guardian).

Teams of Marshalls help to control the flow of spectators, spot balls during competition and may work closely with security teams to ensure safety on-site. They also ensure the etiquette of golf is respected during play, such as on the tees and during putting out on the greens.

Spotters are also critical "inside the ropes" roles. Your assistance is required to monitor the landing of tee shots and assist the competitors to quickly find and identify their ball should it veer offline or if they lost site of it.

Carryboard Holder

You will work alongside the DP World Tour Scoring team. You will be allocated to a match and walk with a mobile scoreboard, reflecting the scores of individual players within your group as you walk around the course. You will receive some training on the use of an electronic device to record the scoring. This can be a physically demanding role, so a level of fitness is highly recommended.

Hole Marshal

You will part of a small team with responsibility for the management of crowds around key areas of a hole including the tee, crossing points, landing zones and green. This is key to delivering the best possible conditions for the players whilst on course. In addition, you will be best placed to advise spectators, media, TV, officials, and fellow volunteers when on your respective hole. The role is just as important whether there is play on your hole or not.

Evacuation Driver

You will be responsible for an emergency evacuation vehicle which be deployed across the course to support the course evacuation plan. In the event of such an evacuation you will be required to transport players and caddies to emergency points within the boundaries of the course. You will be advised of the evacuation plan when on site. You must hold a full driving license at the time of the event and possible a D1 Classification.

Leaderboard Operator

You will work alongside the Legends Tour Scoring team. You will be allocated to a scoreboard at a location on the course. You will be provided with small electronic device to receive the scores form the scoring team. You will be required to update the scoreboard so both players and spectators are kept up to date with the current situation of the championship. You will receive training on the use of an electronic device prior to being allocated to a scoreboard.

Tournament Support Team

The welfare of volunteers is essential to the success of the event and operations on site. You will be based in Volunteers HQ and there to assist the core management team with Volunteer queries, this includes the management of InitLive, catering requirements (In conjunction with onsite catering) and the general welfare of all Volunteers.

Walking Scorer

You will work alongside the Legends Tour Scoring team. You will be allocated to a match and walk with a small electronic device to accurately record the scores of players within your group. You will receive training on the use of an electronic device prior to going out with a match.

Mobile Marshal

You will form a small team assigned to a specific match, with responsibility to manage spectators whilst the players move around the course. The key areas are similar to that of Hole Marshals, tee, crossing points, landing zones and greens. Whilst hole marshals may be present at these locations you will be asked to support those volunteers. Your presence throughout the match will assist in delivering the best possible conditions for the players.

Grandstand Marshal

As part of a team, you will be responsible for the management of spectators as they enter, exit, and seated within the grandstand. The movement of spectators within the grandstand must be managed effectively to reduce the risk of disruption to the players. You will be aware of an evacuation plan in place and play a supporting role with security staff in the event of circumstances where spectators are required to evacuate the grandstand.

Championship Hosts

Think of this team as the official welcome committee. Stationed at the entrance, Will Call, Information tent and throughout the course these folks help to welcome and assist guests throughout the event grounds.

The Perks

One of the most well-known perks of volunteering is the opportunity to be inside the ropes and following along with the world’s most talented golfers. While not every volunteer position gives you a front-row seat to the action, there are plenty of other benefits to donating your time. Our volunteers will receive an event branded shirt/hat, free lunch, or breakfast (depending upon your shift that day) daily.

In addition to the tangible perks that come along with volunteering is the pride that comes along with being a part of a large-scale effort that pulls off a professional golf championship. That feeling and camaraderie is shared amongst the tribe of volunteers who in many instances, return year after year to serve again and reunite with one another.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our events, please see volunteer opportunities here.