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Volunteering at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

Volunteering at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

All you need to know about volunteering at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

Yas Links marshal

How can I become a Volunteer at the 2023 Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship?

You can register by visiting the link HERE.

Do you need to live in Abu Dhabi to volunteer?

No, not at all. Obviously knowing the area and the course will be an advantage, but as long as you are volunteering to commit to working alongside the team and will respect the country you are coming to, it is not necessary.

Do volunteers get paid for the work?

No, they do not, they are volunteers, but will be well looked after.

Do you need experience?

No, but it helps! If you are a golfer, it helps too but is not necessary. Depending on whether you live locally or internationally, there will be opportunities to attend a briefing to learn how we work. There are several roles to play, but inexperienced volunteers will be given a Marshalling role first. The Chief Marshal and Team will be there to guide you in the role you will be taking on.

Do you need to be a golfer?

No, it is an advantage, but is not necessary. Hopefully you enjoy sport and are committed to assisting at a major tournament and contributing to its success. The Chief Marshal and Team will guide you all the way on how this particular tournament works and the rules you need to know and abide by. They will also take you to your position on the course and explain exactly what you should be doing and what the aim of your position is during play.

Do you have to work all days?

Not unless you are working with TV, scoring with a group or helping with the shuttle driving (moving players quickly from one place to another to keep a good pace of play). These positions need consistency and flow throughout the week for the Head of the Group they are working for.

For marshalling, the minimum working requirement is two days.

Do I work a full day?

There are reporting times given to volunteers within two separate time session bands and volunteers have the choice of which one they are able to work within. The working day for each is roughly the time of a game of golf… so between 4-5 hours, but you can take food and drink out with you and return to enjoy a cool and quiet time in the Marshals’ Lounge.

What age do I have to be to volunteer?

The minimum age is 18 years upwards, as long as you are fit enough to help out.

Can I have a variety of roles?

You certainly can, but only if you are a marshal. There are static roles where you assist in a particular area, and walking roles where you will walk with a group of players on one particular match. You can switch between the two, which is a good idea if you cannot do too much walking. There are many different static roles, and it is fun to experience a variety, but should you enjoy a particular role, you can request to stay there for all the days you are working.

I have trouble walking – are there any positions for me?

There is a position for everyone, and considerations are given to everyone who may be restricted by a past health problem or by fitness. If a volunteer is unable to stand, there are seating roles; the majority of volunteers can be catered for, so all can contribute to this great tournament.

Do you help with Flights or Accommodation for International Volunteers?

Rates have been negotiated with several hotels for accommodation which are mainly based very close to the location of the Yas Links. These can be given to each volunteer on request; it is then up to the individual to organise.