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Volunteering at the Singapore Classic

Volunteering at the Singapore Classic

All you need to know about volunteering at the Singapore Classic.

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Please click on the image to register to be a volunteer at the Singapore Classic

How can I become a volunteer at the 2023 Singapore Classic?

You can register by visiting the link HERE.


Volunteers may be asked to complete a minimum of three 4-6 hour shifts in order to participate and generally must be at least 18 years of age (or 13 years old with a waiver signed by a legal guardian).

Marshalls, Standard Bearers & Spotters

Teams of Marshalls help to control the flow of spectators, spot balls during competition and may work closely with security teams to ensure safety on-site. They also ensure the etiquette of golf is respected during play, such as at tee decks and during putting out on the greens.

Standard bearers on the other hand walk inside the ropes during play and to display players’ scores which helps spectators keep track of each players’ score from hole to hole.

Spotters are also critical "inside the ropes" roles. Your assistance is required to monitor the landing of tee shots and and assist the competitors to quickly find and identify their ball should it veer offline or if they lost site of it.

Scoring & Leaderboards

Scoring volunteers are essential members of the competition team helping to record scores (digitally or manually), enter them within the official scoring systems and call them in to the rules or broadcast teams.

Leaderboards are stationed on the course at various critical holes so that both the public and the competitors can have an accurate update as to the current leaders and status of play. In this role you would be stationed/assigned to a specific leaderboard and work with the scoring group to show accurate, real time updates.

Buggy Shuttle Drivers (Proof of License Required)

Competitors may find themselves quite a distance from the finish of one hole to the tee deck of the next one they play. In this role you will be assigned a specific route to shuttle players and their caddies from green to tee OR to/from the practice grounds (on site).


Think of this team as the official welcome committee. Stationed at the entrance, Will Call and throughout the course these folks help to welcome and assist guests throughout the event grounds.

The Perks

One of the most well-known perks of volunteering is the opportunity to be inside the ropes and following-along with the world’s most talented golfers. While not every volunteer position gives you a front-row seat to the action, there are plenty of other benefits to donating your time. Our volunteers will receive an event branded shirt/hat, free lunch or breakfast (depending upon your shift that day) daily, complimentary tickets to the tournament, and the chance to earn a round of golf at the host course, offering prime access to one of the region's most acclaimed golf courses.

In addition to the tangible perks that come along with volunteering is the pride that comes along with being a part of a large-scale effort that pulls off a professional golf championship. That feeling and camaraderie is shared amongst the tribe of volunteers who in many instances, return year after year to serve again and reunite with one another.