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  • Andrea MAESTRONI 2101

    Meet Andrea

    Bergamo, Italy Place of Birth
    5′ 7″ (172cm) Height
    Football, all sports, music, fitness Interests
    Gardagolf CC Attachment
    1998, (99), (00), 01, 02, (03), 04*, 05, 06, (08), 09, (10), (11), 13, (14), (15), 16 Qualifying School

    Grew up in a house overlooking the Gardagolf course where his father Franco, who is still his coach to this day, is the professional. Golf is in the family as his uncle is also a professional in Brescia. Was born in Bergamo near to where his idol Costantino Rocca grew up.

    Earned a European Tour card through Qualifying School for the first time in 2004. Knows the former Ryder Cup player well and has been the recipient of a lot of advice from him in his career. Likes to play all sports to keep fit.