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  • Fredrik HENGE 2167

    Meet Fredrik

    Lund, Sweden Place of Birth
    5′ 9″ (176cm) Height
    Sports Interests
    Haninge GK Attachment
    1997*, 98, 99, 03, 05, (06), 10, (11) Qualifying School

    Played on The European Tour in 1998 but when he did not play well, he felt an outsider. “I didn’t feel I belonged out there,” said the Swede. “I spent a lot of time looking at everyone else’s game instead of concentrating on my own.” Made a successful comeback by returning to the Challenge Tour and finishing 14th on the final Rankings in 2004. “This time I’ll be more experienced and know how to handle it,” he said of his return to the top. Tried every sport as a youngster but found golf was best, “Because I don’t like running! I was a goalkeeper at soccer and if the ball didn’t come to me at tennis I wouldn’t chase it. So golf was perfect.” Was taken by his mother, Britt, to a beginners’ class at Bosjokloster, 45km from Malmö, as a six year old, while his dad, Rolf, took up the game a year later.